At Holden Clough Community Primary School, our staff love organising interesting events that will keep pupils engaged and help with their learning. We believe that participation in different activities alongside the curriculum helps children develop key skills. Take a look at our most recent events here.

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Autumn Term 23-24


Remembrance Day

Our school had a beautiful tribute to remember the soldiers who gave their tomorrow so we can have our today, decorating our hall with lanterns as an act of remembrance.



Mental Health Awareness Day

3LD celebrated the day the day by discussing different emotions and dicsussing what makes us feel this way. They then wrote messages of kindness and which they displayed around the school. It shows the power of kind words and how they can really brighten everyone's day.

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Visit from Top Athlete

Our Year 6 pupils were honoured to meet GB wheelchair tennis player and Paralympian Antony Cotterill this term. Antony has won more than 40 singles and doubles titles. The children took part in a fun sponsored fitness circuit led by Antony, and they really gave it their all!



Open Evenings

We are delighted to be holding open evenings on Friday 20th October and Monday 30th October to 3rd November! Call our school office on 0161 330 5248 to book an appointment, we are excited to meet you and introduce you to our wonderful school.



Double, double toil and trouble

Our Year 6 pupils were thrilled to have the Young Shakespeare Company come into school on this month for a live performance of Macbeth! The children absolutely loved it and were fully immersed in the performance and the words of William Shakespeare.



Bowling success

Our pupils had a brilliant time 10-pin bowling at the Active Tameside Wellness Centre this month. Thank you to Panathlon Challenge for hosting this exciting event. Not to mention Holden Clough came a fantastic second place! We are very proud of our pupils for this achievement. Well done to Micklehurst All Saints School, who placed first, Our Lady of Mount Carmel R.C Primary School, who placed third - and to all the other pupils who took part on the day!




Welcome back

Welcome back to all our staff and pupils! We hoped you enjoyed your break and are ready for a great year of learning.

Summer Term 22-23

Poetry Session

Our pupils took place in a great poetry session by English teachers from Great Ashton Academy studying ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost.



Health Week

For health week our Year 6 pupils had a go at making their very own healthy granola bars. They learned all about the health benefits of oats, seeds and cranberries. They turned out delicious!

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Writing Picnic

6AP took part in a writers picnic and published their diary entries about their recent residential to London. A great way to enjoy the writing process!

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A Great Day Out

Great Academy Ashton kindly hosted us at their school library to study WW2. Students used a range of skills linked to their studies as part of their History curriculum. Thanks to Miss Selwood and the staff and students for such enjoyable sessions.

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Outer Space

The whole school got to enter a space dome where they were taught about all things planets. It was a great experience had by all. Thank you to Miss Hollingworth for organising.



Fun with Fractions

Our Year 1 pupils spent an afternoon learning about halves and quarters by having a fractions picnic! We cut lots of food into halves and quarters and then enjoyed our picnic outside.

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Royal Revision

To make their Maths revision more exciting, our Year 6 pupils took part in a Coronation themed maths trail. At Holden Clough we are always looking for ways to make learning even more exciting!



Eid Celebrations

Staff and pupils here at Holden Clough loved taking part in Eid celebrations and coming together as a school. We learned all about the day and some pupils even got their hands painted with henna.

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Fun with Ancient Greece

Our Year 3 pupils have started their current topic on Ancient Greece. They have had lots of fun creating Ancient Greek theatre masks and writing and writing detailed instructions on how we created them.


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