Holden Clough Loves Reading!

Reading is at the core of Holden Clough and we believe that developing a culture in school that is based on the love of reading lays the foundations for our pupils to help develop as confident learners who can flourish, spreading the life- lessons they learn within the books they read into the wider community. 

This page will celebrate all things 'reading for pleasure' brings to our school and how we promote the love of reading at school and within the wider community.

"Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible." Barack Obama


Reading in the Community

Our school community is very important to us at Holden Clough and we feel it very important to invest in the community we have around us. We have found that reading can be used as a vehicle to unite and connect others in our area. We have taken part in many reading projects in all parts of the community ranging from visits to our local library to visits to our local nursing home. These visits have become so successful that they have expanded beyond reading and onto many other avenues such as charity fundraising events and community celebrations.

Author Visits

We endeavour to provide children with as many opportunities as possibe to meet a range of different authors. By doing this, we hope to further encourage a love of reading, whilst also aiming to equip children with a knowledge of what it takes to become a successful writer. Throughout the course of the year, we strive to ensure that whole school workshops are conducted with a storyteller, novelist and poet. Children then undertake follow up work based around a text by that particular writer. Year 6 pupils also partake in an interactive workshop with The Young Shakespeare Company who focus on the meaning behing Shakespeare's Macbeth.


World Book Day

Every year we take part in World Book Day celebrations. Pupils are encouraged to dress up in book-themed costumes or to attend school in their pyjamas. Staff at Holden Clough also join in the fun and dress up in costumes. The day helps to spark pupil's imaginations and further their love of reading by celebrating a day entirely dedicated to book characters and reading.

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