Science Leader: Shauna Corrigan

British Science Week 9-18th March 2018
We had great fun during our recent Science Day. Science all day! Asking questions, predicting,exploring, observing, recording and concluding. We shared our learning in a whole school assembly at the end of the day. Year 6 and 5 told us all about the work they had done around light. Year 4 investigated static electricity and colour. Year 3 told us about the importance of the stem when they shared their celery investigation. Year 2 told us all about their work on dinosaurs and digging for dinosaur fossils and Year 1 shared their predictions and observations when creating chemical reactions.

During Science Day Year 3 investigated the function of the stem/stalk. We discovered there are xylem tubes in the stem and capillary action enables the water to move through the stem to the leaves to help the plant make food (photosynthesis).

Science Day in Year 5!
As part of science day in Year 5, children completed their light unit.  As part of this, we explored colour filters and how depending on the colour of the filter, some colours are absorbed and some reflected.  We then moved on to making shadow puppets and re-enacted a debate between two great scientists; Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke, when it came to various different theories on how light is produced. 

Rays of Incidence & Reflection with Year 5
3CH enjoyed dissecting a tulip to look closely at the different parts of a flowering plant. We found out that a flower has female parts and male parts!

3CH using their amazing periscopes to understand how light travels and how it is reflected.

Year 5 - Understanding how light travels?

Year 3 have been busy investigating the permeability of different rocks and soils.

Year 3 enjoyed exploring the properties of rocks whilst trying to name them in their Kagan groups.

Year 3 and Year 1 had a great experience in the Science Dome which visited our school on 23rd Novemeber 2017.Year 3 focussed their learning on rocks and the Earth while Year 1 found out about the Apollo moon landing which complimented their Space topic. There was a lot of awe and wonder inside the dome with volcanoes erupting over our heads!

3CH investigated the properties and strength of different magnets.

3CH investigating friction-how fast will a car travel on different surfaces?

British Science Week 2017 - Every class completed the Rocket Mouse investigation. It was so much fun!

Year 3 enjoyed investigating the permeability of different soils.

Year 2 loved our fizzy drink explosions experiment. We discovered cherryade made the best explosion because there was less drink left in the bottle afterwards.​​​​​​​

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