Year 4

Year 4 2020 - 2021

Welcome to the Year 4 web-page! We hope you find the content useful, and use it to keep up-to-date with the learning that takes place within the year group. We will also keep in contact using 'Class Dojo' communications. 

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Ms Prentice - Class teacher (4SP), Mr Pitts - Class teacher (4DP), Mrs Walker - TA (4SP) and Ms Cull -TA (4DP). 

Overview of Autumn 2
This academic year we are continuing to use the scheme 'Power Maths' which develops mastery of mathematical strategies and understanding. This half-term we are focusing on Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication with an extended look at 4-digit numbers and problem solving. We will also be working on developing times-tables and division facts to help children calculate and solve various problems.

Children will be creating a variety of text types using the book 'The Scarab's Secret' as their inspiration. In particular, there will be a focus on the use of grammar and expression used by the author, and how the children can use such grammatical formation in their writing with a focus on the genre of narrative writing. In addition to this, children will once again be learning spellings using our spelling scheme (Read, Write, Ink), and will be developing their handwriting skills frequently.

Focusing on 'Sound' - making cross-curricular links and learning about how sounds are created and how they travel.

Exploring the Ancient Egyptians  and the impact they had on history and the way society is still influenced by them today!

Children will be learning and participating in all things 'dance'. In addition to this, they will be developing the skills that enable them to perform efficiently both individually and as part of a larger group or team! Swimming will also be attended every Tuesday morning.

This half term the children will be looking at the religious beliefs of various religions and cultures, as well as discussing things that are important in their own lives. In particular, Hinduism.

My Happy Mind and 1 Decision
The schemes have a focus on promoting children's well-being and provides them with strategies to deal with stress, and worries that occur in their everyday lives. Children will also learn about how their brain works and develop their understanding of neuroscience as well as unpick choices and decisions they may face in their everyday lives!

Mrs Green will lead children this year during music lessons, and over the course of this term will be engaging the children by sharing the infectious Africa! 

This term children will be using the program 'garage band' to create their own music and graphic designs!

Linked to our Ancient Egypt topic, children will have opportunities to design, make and create a range of artistic materials..

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