Holden Clough have regularly assemblies through the week to keep our pupils up to date with school news and awareness days or events that are happening around the world. We feel this is important as part of the child’s learning and empathy skills. 

Celebration Assembly:

Every Friday we take the time to celebrate pupil achievements. Staff at Holden Clough feel that this is key in helping pupil self-confidence to grow and encourage them to continue doing their best throughout primary school and eventually when they move onto secondary school.

The following activities can take place during these end-of-week celebrations:

  • Certificates and a gold star badges are awarded to pupils from each class to recognise an outstanding achievement that week.
  • Staff and pupils sing Happy Birthday to anyone who has had a birthday.
  • We listen to the thoughts and opinions of pupils who have represented school in extracurricular activities such as: sport, music or any special events
  • We love to hear children talk about activities they have undertaken outside of school hours like dancing or lifesaving training.
  • House points are counted up from each team to see who has be awarded the most.

Our Celebration Assemblies are full of praise, clapping and cheering. It’s a lot of fun for everyone, and pupils enjoy taking the time to acknowledge, both their own and their peers’ achievements!

Staff at Holden Clough are very proud of their pupils, no matter how big or small their achievements are, but we always have lots to celebrate! Who will be the next Star of the Week?

Assembly Themes:

We feel it beneficial to incorporate different themes into our assemblies. They help children understand more about the world and its significant aspects of history as well as learn about different cultures, festivities and diverse societies. Awareness of topics such as these help teach our children to respect, sympathise and build their own values.


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