E-Safety and National Online Safety School

At Holden Clough Community Primary School, we recognise the importance of the Internet in children's lives. It allows them to access information, learn more about the world around them and communicate with their friends and children across the world. Unfortunately though, there are times when the Internet can be a dangerous place for children. We feel that it is vital that we educate children about these potential dangers and teach them how to use the Internet safely.

The Internet opens up the world to children and young people. It allows for many wonderful educational and learning opportunities. In addition to useful education tools on the Internet, a great deal of content also exists that is not appropriate for children. We hope the information and the attached links below will support you in keeping your children safe in this digital world.

Should you have any questions or concerns about E-Safety, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of school staff.

  1. Keeping your children safe: online & beyond

  2. TikTok Update - Parental Controls with Family Pairing Feature (SWGfL)

  3. CEOP - Dedicated to tackling child sexual exploitation and abuse, online and offline

  4. Thinkuknow - For information, advice and resources

  5. NOS - National Online Safety

  6. Parent Zone

  7. Social Networking

  8. Cyber Bullying
  9. UK Safer Internet Centre



How to report soemthing - Make a report to CEOP

CEOP is a government agency that helps protect children from the dangers of the online world. If you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable and you don’t want to tell a Parent or Carer, you can report it CEOP.

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