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On behalf of the pupils, staff and governors, I would like to welcome you to Holden Clough's website.  I hope that your visit to our website is informative and gives you an insight into the learning that takes place in our School and the values and vision which underpin it. 

Our children and their families are at the heart of our work.  We are committed to ensuring that all children are able to achieve, not just academically, but socially and emotionally.  They are the citizens of tomorrow and we want them to be able to achieve and to make a contribution to all areas of their future life. 

We believe in, and promote, traditional and universal values such as kindness, politeness and self-discipline.  We are also aware that children born in the 21st century are growing up in a time of unprecedented social and technological change.  We want children to leave our School as independent learners with emotional skills such as resilience and adaptability to complement their academic achievement.  Through our use of Kagan Structures, children at Holden Clough learn these skills as well as being able to work collaboratively.

Our staff are proud of the safe, happy and exciting environment they create which stimulates and inspires a love of learning.  This is reflected in the quality of resources and the physical environments that we provide for our children, both indoors and outdoors. 

Every child can do amazing things and it’s our job at Holden Clough to help make this potential a reality. With an outstanding education, children have the freedom to choose their own future.

As a headteacher, I am passionate about ensuring that all children are given the opportunities to learn, thrive and enjoy school and look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Faik Kordemir, Head Teacher

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Holden Clough Community Primary School

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Headteacher: Mr Faik Kordemir

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