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Tuesday 19th May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your support and patience through these exceptionally challenging times. I hope that you and your families have all been able to keep safe and healthy. The staff have very much appreciated your positive comments and interactions through Tapestry and Class Dojo.

As you will be aware over the last week schools have received guidance from the DfE aimed at helping us re-open our schools gradually for pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. There has also been much speculation in the media some of it helpful and some not. I want to reiterate that the priority of all our decisions and actions are about making school as safe as we possibly can for children, staff and families.

This week we will be consulting with staff, the LA and other Headteachers in the ‘Ashton Cluster’ to ensure further plans are in the best possible interests of our school community. We will update you as soon as possible.

Due to the stringent precautions we will put in place to ensure the safety of our school community, and to support social distancing measures, it is important to make you aware that the school environment will be different to what your child is previously used to.

Please note that dependent upon pupil numbers:

  • Not all pupils from eligible year groups may be attending all the time. We may have to work with a rota system in order to keep numbers safe.
  • Whilst we will do everything we can children may not necessarily be able to be with their friends. Pupils will be divided into small groups within which they will stay during the phased return period.
  • There will be no social mixing between the groups
  • The children of key workers will be in separate groups to allow continuity of provision.
  • We will not be able to offer before or after school provision to returning children.
  • Due to capacity, children will not necessarily be with their usual Class Teacher or Teaching Assistant.
  • Children may not be in their usual classroom
  • The length of the school day may vary with start and finish times being staggered to help minimise contact between parents/carers as well as the children and staff.
  • We will practise, where possible, 2 metre social distancing but please note this may not always be possible due to the age of some of the children.
  • The learning environments will be arranged very differently and scaled back from what the children are used to.
  • Children will spend their time within the same classroom with outdoor breaks as appropriate.

Please note, only pupils in the years specified (N, R, Y1 and Y6) will be able to return to school. Siblings in other year groups will not be able to attend school for the time being.

Key worker children will remain the priority group in school, but they will be kept as a separate group and they will not mix with their peers.

We just want to reassure you that we do understand everyone’s concerns during this difficult time and that you can only make a decision about whether or not to send your child into school based on the government information provided and your own current personal situation.

We, of course, will do our utmost to make sure school is as safe as possible for the children, parents/carers and staff, but need to be honest with parents, school will be very different to what we have been used to as we work through the phases of return.

During this time no families will be penalised for poor/non-attendance, however our safeguarding procedures regarding attendance will still apply.

School will provide home learning provision for all children, as currently in place, and will continue to support all our families as much as possible during this unprecedented time.

Thank you for completing the initial questionnaire we sent out to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 parents. We really do appreciate your feedback and it will help us with our planning.  If you are a parent/carer of a child in one of these year groups and do not respond to the questionnaire by Wednesday (tomorrow), then we are assuming that you do not want a place. If this is not the case, please can you complete the questionnaire. If you are experiencing problems with the survey then please email the school

Please be aware that School Buddies (the before and after school club) will not be open until further notice and appreciate this may pose some difficulties for Parents/Carers. Once we are in an appropriate stage of the phased return, we will look into restarting this provision.

Following our imminent planning meetings you will receive further communications detailing our plans for June. All decisions made will be evaluated frequently and changes will be implemented as soon as they are needed. As always, parents will be informed of any changes straight away.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Look after yourselves and stay safe.

Kind regards,


Faik Kordemir



Holden Clough will remain closed to Nursery, Reception Y1 and Y6 children except those of key workers until at least Monday 22nd June