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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Page!

Year 6 Leavers Assembly


All of us in Year 6 would like to invite you to our Leavers Assembly on Monday 25th July. The assembly will begin at approximately 9:10am.

We hope you can join us to celebrate our achievements at Holden Clough and help us to say goodbye.


Year 6 had a brilliant weekend at Robinwood Acticity Centre, Todmorden. They challenged themselves to have a go at every activity, improved their teamworking and communication skills and had a brilliant time!

As always, they were a credit to the school, polite, well-mannered and willing to take on even the scariest challenges! 

And with only two girls falling out of their canoe, the weekend was a huge success!

Check out our Oliver cast hanging out on the streets of Victorian London...

Oliver Script for auditions...

Post SATs smiley faces...

Well done Year 6's, you did Holden Clough proud during SATs week! Every single one of you put in your absolute best effort before and during the tests - we've got some special treats in school and our visit to London to look forward to now! 

I Will Survive

Still image for this video

We are enjoying our unit of work on Leon and the Place Between...

As part of our unit of work on Leon and the Place Between, we enjoyed taking part in an art day, learning how to emboss and create stunning pieces of work based around the themes in the book...

Look at some of our finished pieces...

World Book Day 2016

This year, we used World Book Day as an opportunity to launch our new English topic, based on a magical voyage and return story - 'Leon and the Place Between'. Before we opened the book, We began our unit of work by looking at tiny pieces of one of the illustrations in the book and trying to make predictions about what the story would be about, what era it was from and what genre of story it would be...



Well done to all the children in Years 5 and 6 for delivering speeches to their classmates over the last few days. The theme of 'if you could meet anyone from history, who would it be and why?', clearly inspired the children and their families (as I know from parents and carers that it provoked a lot of discussion at home!) and we heard some really interesting, thoughtful and thought-provoking speeches on a hugely diverse group of historical figures.


This has been a project that has run since we returned after Christmas and the children have put an incredible amount of time and effort into it. It is clear that they have also been supported by parents and carers at home and we thank the families for their input and involvement - the children did us all proud!


The children in each class have helped to chose four children from Year 5 and four from Year 6 to represent them in our very first Holden Clough Public Speaking Competition. Representing Year 5, are: Summer, Christian, Tristan and Andrew. Speaking for Year 6, are: Aeron, Jiya, Ayesha and Taliyah. The competition is on Friday 4th March, the prizes are ready, the invitations have been sent out and the shield is waiting to see whose name will be engraved on it as our very first winner!


Watch this space!

Spring 1



Science Week


This week, we have been learning all about light: how it travels, how we see things and what light is made up of. We did lots of experiments and had lots of fun making rainbows in the classroom.


We found out that darkness is the absence of light and in order to see which colours reflect light best, we stuck coloured stickers inside a dark box, and let light in gradually. We found out that yellow and orange, the brightest colours, were the best reflectors - they're the colours we'd want to be wearing in the dark!



We also found out how to look round corners...

And we used prisms to see the 7 colours that make up white light...rainbow!!!

This week, we combined the mathematical talents of Years 5 & 6 in our Maths Challenge Day. The children worked in teams to take part in a range of challenges and games aimed at improving their number knowledge. We battled it out during several rounds of our famous 'Times Table Challenge' game, carried out mathematical investigations where we looked for patterns and explanations to solve some tricky problems and went on a Prime Number Hunt around Holden Clough! 

Autumn 2

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Still image for this video
A few of our expert Year 6 film makers produced a brilliant Christmas video that featured recently in our Christmas carol concert, enjoy!

Festive sleigh building...

This week, we've well and truly been getting in to the Christmas spirit by taking part in Holden Clough's annual sleigh racing competition. We designed our own sleighs, gathered together the materials we'd need to make them, built them with our teammates and then raced them!
With some expert help from our brilliant class governor, Mrs Cull, we all had a go at marbling to create a spooky backdrop for our artwork. We then created our silhouette landscapes and laminated them with our backdrops to produce a finished piece of art and as I'm sure you'll agree, the results were fantastic! 

Recruitment Videos...The Roundheads and The Cavaliers

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As part of our topic work, we decided to bring the era of the Cavaliers and the Roundheads in to the 21st century by using our iPads to create recruitment videos...


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot...

As part of our topic work, we used a wide range of secondary sources both at home and in school to find out about the Gunpowder Plot and on the 5th November, we wrote our own raps to share what we'd found out. 


Still image for this video


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Remembrance Day 2015

Still image for this video
On Remembrance Day, we studied the poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae. We the each chose an image from the Internet that reflected what is important about Remembrance Day to us. Tilly and Bethanie then put all of our pictures together to create this movie...

Researching the Gunpowder Plot on our brand new Mac's...

Things are beginning to get a little scary in Year 6...

Still image for this video
After enjoying Holden Clough's Halloween Spooktacular Disco and hearing that our new topic after half term will be Scary Tales, a few Year 6 girls decided to use their lunch times to produce a teasingly terrifying trailer on their iPads...just to get us all in the mood for those brilliantly frightening scary tales we'll be writing after the holidays...

A team-building tarsia...

We worked very hard in our Kagan teams to complete this Tarsia. The puzzle was about authors, books and book characters.

The biography of Mr Sad SAT's Marker

As part of our unit of work on biographies and autobiographies, we spent some time developing our very own character... Mr Sad SAT's Marker, the poor man who has to trawl through all of our SAT's papers in May. Working in pairs, we developed anecdotes that explained how Mr SSM became the man he is today and oh how creative we were! We all shared our writing by using Book Creator to produce iBooks on our iPads and then we combined all of our books in to one full biography! Even Jacqueline Wilson was impressed!


Our first yoga session...

Our first day in the new building...

Above are a few examples of our first pieces of writing in Year 6. We used Roald Dahl's autobiography 'Boy' to magpie ideas and look at the structure of his writing. We then wrote about our first day in the new building...

Looking very cool in our Spanish lessons...

This week, we've been learning about all of the Spanish-speaking countries around the world with Mrs Diaz.  
Memories from Year 5...


Summer 2

Maddie's Video

Still image for this video
Maddie wanted to share some pictures from her time in Year 5, so she used iMovie to make a fantastic film...thanks Maddie!

Bethanie's recount of a fantastic day at The Bridgewater Hall...

How far can you throw your welly?

Celebrating American Independence Day...

Building skyscrapers in New York...just another busy day in Year 5!

We had an exciting start to our USA topic today, used our green screen to recreate some iconic New York images!

VE Day Party - a fitting end to our fabulous WW2 topic!

Summer 1

Class trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelters

Mrs Hodkinson and Mrs Grundy, both wartime volunteers at Stockport Air Raid Shelters, were shocked on Friday morning when 30 evacuees from Holden Clough turned up (they were only expecting 6 from The Channel Islands!) However, they kept calm and carried on and taught our Holden Clough vacs how to ensure that they were picked by good families at the town hall later in the day. In the morning, the children were taught what to do if an incendiary bomb fell in their street, how to put their gas masks on, to be careful what they say and where they say it and how to complete several household chores ensuring that they can be useful in their new homes. After a ration lunch, the children were given a tour around the public air raid shelters in Stockport, this was particularly useful as for many of them, these shelters will be their local shelters! They were shown the new flushing toilets (how fancy!), the medical room and the Air Raid Warden's post during their tour around the shelters and even sang songs to keep their spirits up.

After a packed day, it was off to the town hall where the children were to be picked by new families...

An interview with Jim...

We had a brilliant brilliant time this afternoon meeting and talking to Jim (Mrs Alcock's Dad). Jim told us about what life was like during World War 2 and answered lots of questions about air raid shelters, the blackout and even salt 'n' Shake crisps! Thank you Jim, we learnt a lot! 


Group 1 Dance

Still image for this video
The children have been using images from WW2 as inspiration for their dance work. As a class we selected three images from a large selection; a soldier, an evacuee and a family entering their Anderson Shelter. The children then came up with a series of moves to portray these characters...

Group 2 Dance

Still image for this video

Sam's family history...


Sam found out all about his Grandad's role in WW2. He brought some very special items in to school to share with the class who were fascinated to see his medals and some of his service records!



Amelia's family history...

Amelia brought her Great Grandad's war medals to school. We looked carefully at what the different medals were for and what was written on them. It was really interesting to find out where he fought during the war.

Aashna's visit to York

On bank holiday Monday, Aashna visited York with her family. While she was there, she visited a World War 2 street exhibition. 


Still image for this video
As part of our science topic on forces, we investigated water resistance. We used blu-tac to see which shapes would fall to the bottom of the water the fastest.

Spring 2

Working hard on a Maths investigation...

We finally found the solution!

Victorian Workhouse Day

As part of our Victorian Ashton unit and in celebration of World Book Day. Year 5 took part in and Oliver Twist style workhouse day. The children had been studying the history of Tameside Hospital, which was once Ashton Union Workhouse, they were each given a character from the census to research and 'become' during our workhouse role play. The children used the information from the census and their homework research about workhouses to develop hypothesis about why their character would have been in the workhouse in 1881.

On the day, the children came to school dressed as their character (and there were some fabulous outfits!) and entered the workhouse in role. After a daunting admission interview with Mistresses Jarman and Williams, they were instructed to learn the rules of the workhouse or risk some pretty grim punishments. The children were then lucky enough to sample some workhouse cuisine, they loved the gruel! After their hearty meal, the new workhouse intake tried their hands at four typical workhouse jobs - weaving on the loom, oakum picking, washing and floor scrubbing - the job that they showed most promise in would become their permanent job!



Look at some of the writing that the children produced during our workhouse day...

This week, we have started our unit of work covering the story of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. We used a variety of drama strategies to explore the plot and the characters of this famous novel. We looked carefully at the scene in the film where Oliver meets the Artful Dodger; we discussed the body language of the characters and how this gave us clues about their personality. The children then worked in pairs to write and perform their own version of the scene. Here are a few examples of their work...


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Some brilliant pieces of writing based on Oliver Twist

Spring 1

Look at some of the brilliant homework that we have produced this half term...some very impressive pieces of work! 


We have had great fun recently transforming our classroom in to a TV studio and using the green screen to create our very own interview show and nature documentary. The children worked in their Kagan teams to carry out lots of research at home and in school about rainforests, deforestation and how we can save this unique environment. They then worked together to write scripts and rehearse their very own shows. We set up the green screen and the video recording equipment and carried out a whole afternoon of filming. Check out the pictures of our afternoon in the spotlight and look out for our final documentary clips below...




Experimenting with THE WATER CYCLE

We have been learning about the water cycle as part of our science work on the rainforest. The children were building on work that they completed earlier in the term on solids, liquids and gases. They carried out experiments to find out about evaporation and condensation in the water cycle...

We finished our work on the water cycle with an exciting experiment creating a cloud in a bottle...


Still image for this video

Look who's been wearing the handwriting hat lately...

A whole day of art...

We began our day of art by researching French artist Henry Rousseau, whose colorful landscapes and vibrant scenes were inspired by the rainforest. 

We experimented with lots of different collage techniques and used different materials to create our are the final products...

Where are the rainforests located?

One of the first things that the children wanted to find out about the rainforest was where they are located in the world. This was one of the most popular questions on our learning journey wall.

the children used atlases, google maps and globes to locate all of the world's rainforests. They quickly noticed that rainforests are found close to the equator and in several different continents.


Autumn 2

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...with our annual Sleigh Racing competition!

We've enjoyed learning to play Golf this half term with our coach from Ashton Golf Club

Fundraising for Willow Wood

Well done to Aashna, Shoaib, Harry, Dillon, Ayesha, Taliyah, Sam and Nia who worked hard selling grand made books around school and raised £47.20 for Willow Wood Hospice. 


Well done to all of the children in Years 5 & 6 for working so hard during our Apprentice Project and producing a whole range of splendid products. The marketplace on Monday was a huge success with the rest of the children in the school as well as many parents who visited the festive event at home time. The children raised over £300 which will be donated to the Memusi Foundation! A huge congratulations to everybody involved! 

Don't forget...


Monday 3rd December

Holden Clough Primary School

Year 5&6's Apprentice Marketplace


The children have been busily creating a wide range of products to sell in order to raise funds to support the Memusi Foundation's work in Kenya.

The children have made adverts to advertise their products...





Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

You're Fired

We are all excited in Year 5 to begin our Apprentice project. We are busy thinking of lots of ideas and carrying our market research before we decide on a final product to sell. All the money that we raise will be donated to the Memusi Foundation, which works to help children in Kenya escape poverty through education. You can find out more information about the foundation here:

The Rules

Look at some examples of our brilliant art work based on The Highwayman...

Performance Poetry - The Highwayman

Still image for this video

The children have adopted the style of Alfred Noyes to write their own alternative ending to The Highwayman. Many of them have chosen to explore the ghosts of The Highwayman and Bess. They have thought about the structure of the poem and some of the techniques that Noyes uses, such as repetition and onomatopoeia, to write their verses.

here are some brilliant examples...

Year 5 & 6 were thoroughly enthralled by the performances of members of The Young Shakespeare Company who visited Holden Clough to run a Macbeth workshop. The workshop marks the start of our new literacy topic exploring one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies. 

The children and the teachers loved taking part in the performance and an exciting and thrilling afternoon was had by all! 

Look at some of the vocabulary Year 5 have used to describe Macbeth and Lady Macbeth...

Autumn 1

The Vikings are coming...

We started our Vicious Vikings topic with an activity that gave us a better understanding of the chronology of world history. In our Kagan teams, we discussed which order we thought that different time periods and world events occured, we then went outside and drew a timeline on the playground in chalk to find out the actual order...
What we thought...
Making our big timeline!


Still image for this video
As part of our follow-up work on our brilliant day with Wayland the Viking, Year 5 have been creating their very own Viking characters that they can use in their Viking Saga writing. After generating Viking names and selecting pastimes and possessions they wrote a profile for their character complete with a picture. We then used a clever app on the iPads to bring our illustrations to life...


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

In year 5, we love to read, check out what we've been reading lately...

Engrossed in Harry Potter...
Excited to read the next book!

Our current class reader...

Look who's been wearing the Handwriting Hat this week...well done!

As part of our Vicious Vikings topic, we have been carrying out a case study of an archaeological dig that took place on the Isle of Man in the 1940s.

We made birds eye view diagrams of the pit, which we found out was an ancient burial mound and developed hypotheses about Viking burial rituals based on the objects found. 

Here are a few pictures of us working on our diagrams...the children will be writing archaeologist's reports where they will discuss in detail what they have found out, look out for them on our class page soon! smiley

Stretching our brains working on a Maths investigation...

We have been writing letters to our new South African pen pals...

Our first guitar lesson...

Look at some examples of the fantastic homework that Year 5 have produced this half term...

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