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Year 6 Homework

In Year 6 regular homework is set on the following days:


Day Homework To be completed by
Monday Maths Page from Maths Homework Book Monday
Tuesday Reading (at least 20 minutes)  
Wednesday Reading/Writing Activity  
Thursday SPAG Page from Homework Book Thursday
Friday Topic Question Monday

We set great store on reading independently and enjoying books. Reading should be encouraged every night, and as the year goes on, increased emphasis will be placed on the use of reading records.

Other homework may be set at other times (for instance, practice work in maths) but we will always try and give as much notice as possible.

In addition, there will be occasional 'big' homework activities (often over a holiday) which will be fully explained at the time.   

Topic Homework due Monday 23rd May


Next week, we will find out about the signing of the Magna Carta during our visit to The Houses of Parliament.

Can you find anything out about the Magna Carta before our visit?

Year 6 Spelling Word Bank

Practice spelling these Year 6 words so that you can use them regularly in your writing!


Just a reminder, please don't forget to bring your test papers back to school on Tuesday morning as we'll be using them this week. 

Enjoy the last few days of the holidays!


Holiday Homework


We are getting very close now to SAT's week 2016 and I would like you to use this holiday to get yourselves prepared for the big week. Here is a list of tasks for you to complete over the holidays:

1) You will be taking home all of your test papers from our recent test week. We have gone through all of the papers in school but I would like you to use the holidays to go through them again. Ask somebody at home to look at them with you, identify any mistakes that you made and work on the things that you found tricky!

You can find copies of the papers and mark schemes on this website -

2) Use at home. Watch at least one video a day and focus especially on the things that you found tricky in your SPAG test (we all found conjunctions challenging!).

3) Complete the arithmetic practice test that you will be taking home with you. Ask somebody to help you mark it and try and beat your score from our test week.

4) Read every day - it will help to improve your grammar, punctuation and spelling!

5) Work through your new SAT's buster test books, they are full of short ten minute tests. Try and complete as many as you can over the holidays. If you're keen for even more, you can finish any pages that we haven't yet done in your homework books.

6) Finally, have some fun! Next half term is going to be very busy, so make sure you find some time to relax and have some fun so that you come back to school ready for action!


Topic Homework 11.3.16


Can you find out what a barrel organ is?

While reading 'Leon and the Place Between', we found that a barrel

organ was central to the story. Can you find out what a barrel organ is and why do you think that it is so central to the story?


Spellings 11.3.16

Topic Homework Due Monday 29th February


Can you find out any more facts about the 'Pok-a-tok' game that we played on Friday. 

Write a set of instructions explaining how to play the game.




Spellings 26.2.16

Holiday Homework


Here's a reminder of the homework tasks that you've been given for half-term:


1) Check your mistakes in your spelling test - make sure that you learn any spellings that you got wrong ready for our re-test in the first week back!

2) Check through your SPAG test again - ask somebody at home to check through any mistakes with you. 

3) 500 words - write your competition entry. Your story should show off your best writing skills and be an entertaining and gripping story for your reader! 

4) Public Speaking Competition - Finish writing your speech! You have all started writing your speeches and I would like you to use the holidays to finish writing your first drafts. Your speech should last between 2 and 5 minutes, practice reading it aloud at home and think about how you will present it to your classmates. 


​Good luck guys and i'll see you next week! :) 




Shoe Boxes


Please could you check at home for any spare shoe boxes that we could use in a science experiment this week! 

Topic Homework due Monday 8th February


After Miss Jarman's horrendous drive to work, battling her way through a traffic jam caused by a sink hole in Charlesworth, we were a bit curious about what causes sink holes and why they just suddenly appear.

Given that we are currently studying about the water cycle, I'd like you to see if you can answer these questions; what can you find out about sink holes? Why do they appear so suddenly? Can you find some images of sink holes?



Spellings 5.2.16

Topic Homework Due Monday 1st February


Can you find out about the stages of The Water Cycle?

Make some notes about what happens at each stage of The Water Cycle, while you're researching, write down any topic vocabulary that you come across along with a definition for each word.


Spellings 28.1.16

Homework given 21st January, to be brought back Monday 25th January and shared with Years 5 and 6 in our afternoon lesson together. (Please ensure that this homework is completed and brought in as it will be used in the lesson). Your task is to write the opening paragraph of your speech, thinking about how to engage the listener and the effect you want to create for your audience. Remember that what you write is designed to be heard, so at home, practise reading it out loud and involve parents and carers.

Spellings 22.1.16

Public Speaking Homework due Monday 18th January 


'If you could meet anybody from history. Who would you want to meet and why?'

This weekend, I would like you to have a think about who may be the subject of your speech. Choose three people that you think would be interesting to meet and find out what you can about them. Create a mini fact file about each person that you can share with others in your Kagan team on Monday.




Spellings 15.1.16

Spellings 8.1.16

Homework Project: Major World Rivers due Monday 11th January

SAT's 2014


We've spent time in class looking through our practice SATs papers. Over christmas, have a look through your papers and make sure that you understand how to answer the questions that you got wrong.

Below are copies of the maths papers that we've done and the mark schemes that go with them.


Spelling Bee word list

Topic Homework due Monday 7th December


In class we've been learning about the execution of King Charles I and we are planning a newspaper report about the event.

Over the weekend, could you find out more facts about Charles that you can include in your newspaper report. Could you make a fact file about Him that we could display on our learning journey? 

Topic Homework due Monday 30th November


Can you find out what The Rump Parliament was?




Topic Homework - Due Monday 23rd November


The Battle of Naseby was a decisive battle in the English Civil War - what can you find out about it? 


Can you explain why the Battle of Naseby was such an important event in history?


Topic Homework - Due Monday 16th November


Can you find out who Oliver Cromwell is?


Topic Homework Due Monday 9th November 


This weekend, I'd like you to find out who the Roundheads and the Cavaliers were? What did they believe in?



Fancy an extra challenge this weekend? Have a go at these problems...


We found out that Parliament goes through 88,000,000 pieces of paper every year. If there are 500 pieces of paper in a pack, how many packs of paper will Parliament use in a year?



Reading Homework due Monday 2nd November


Over the holidays, I would like you to continue reading the Louis Sachar novel that we have been sharing in Guided Reading this half term - Holes or There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. 

Answer the questions on the sheets below...but only read as far as the sheet tells you too! No spoilers!



Topic Homework - Due Monday 19th October


This weekend, I would like you to see what you can find out about Al-Khwarizmi, a famous figure from the Islamic Golden Age. Remember to present your work as neatly as possible so that it can be displayed on our learning journey board! 

Perhaps you can add some of the facts that you find out about Al-Khwarizmi to your group's keynote presentation next week.


This website is a great place to start

2015 SAT's Papers

Topic Homework Due Monday 12th October 2015


In our topic lessons, we are learning about why 900AD was known as the 'Golden Age'. We have talked in class about the reasons that early Islamic civilization was more advanced than Europe in the 10th century and you have decided to concentrate on 5 particular factors for your Kagan Group Keynote project. 

I would like you to find out more about one of the factors that your Kagan team has chosen to research (you should have written this down in your homework journal). Bring your research to school on Monday so that you can use it to help plan your keynote presentation. 


Homework Mission Due Monday 5th October



Topic Homework - Due Monday 14th september


On Friday, we started our topic work finding out about the Golden Age of Islam, over the weekend, I would like you to see what you can find out about the 'Silk Road'. 

Maths Prompt Sheet - Work being covered

Level 6 Prompt Sheet

DO NOT send your child into school if they have any ONE of the following symptoms: (1) A HIGH TEMPERATURE (this mean they feel hot to the touch on their back or chest) - (2) A NEW, CONTINUOUS COUGH (this means coughing a lot, for more than one hour, or 3 or more coughing episode within 24 hours) - (3) A LOSS OR CHANGE TO SENSE OF SMELL OR TASTE (this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal)