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Year 6 Homework

In Year 6, regular homework is set on the following days:


Monday Maths pages from GCP Targeted Question Book due the following Monday
Tuesday Reading and updating reading logs in school planners
Wednesday Reading/Writing
Thursday Spag pages from GCP Targeted Question Book due the following Thursday

Topic homework due the following Monday

Spellings will be handed out for the children to practice and learn in preparation for their spelling test the following Friday


We set great store on reading independently and enjoying books. Reading should be encouraged every night, and as the year goes on, increased emphasis will be placed on the use of reading records.

Other homework may be set at other times (for instance, practice work in maths) but we will always try and give as much notice as possible.

In addition, there will be occasional 'big' homework activities (often over a holiday) which will be fully explained at the time.   

Holiday homework... the Solar System

Easter Holiday Homework


When we come back to school after the Easter holidays, we will begin our final countdown to SATs week, which begins on Monday 8th May!

During the holidays, we would like you to prepare as well as you can for SATs week by completing the following tasks:


1) Completing the pages in your Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar CGP books that you were set on Thursday 29th March

2) Completing the pages in your CGP maths book that you were set on Monday 27th March

3) Have a go at completing section B in your 10-minute test books for maths, SPAG and reading

4) Arithmetic practice paper - you were given this on Thursday 29th March

5) Ask someone at home to look through your test papers with you (we'll send all of these home on Thurs/Fri) - can you spot any silly mistakes? Use your study books to revise anything that you found tricky in these tests or need a reminder of.


Try to pace yourself, do a little bit every day to keep your brains working and save you from rushing through it the night before we come back to school (on Tuesday 18th April).

Remember, that you can always use MyMaths, Mathletics or Grammaropolis for some extra practice too and keep reading!


Finally, make sure that you find some time to relax, have fun, eat ice cream, watch TV and spend time with friends and family - hopefully in the sun shine! 

Homework Friday 10th March 


This weekend, I'd like you to have a go at one of the tests in your SPAG SATs Buster book.

Mark your test and work out what you need to work on and revise over the next few weeks. Remember, you can use your Study Book to revise key things that you need to work on and to help you with any questions that you found particularly tricky!

Make sure you have your SATs buster book in school with you on Monday as we'll be looking through the test together.

Spellings for Friday 31st March


As explained in class, now that you've exhausted all of Miss Jarman's spelling lists, we're moving on to a new challenge. 

Each week, you'll be asked to complete two extra pages in your Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar homework book. This week, it's pages 68-69.

On Friday, I will test you on spelling patterns and rules explained on these pages - I won't tell you the spellings before hand, so make sure you learn those rules!


Holiday Homework


You were all very excited to receive your 'gifts' today and I would like to remind you of your half-term holiday mission.

You have each been given two study guides and three SATs Buster books. We would like you to complete section A in each of the three SATs Buster books before you come back to school next term.


- find yourself a quiet place to study

- complete the tests individually 

- you can mark your test by yourself but if there's someone at home that can help you, that would be even better!

- use the study guides to find out about anything that you are unsure of or are repeatedly getting wrong in the tests


And finally - GOOD LUCK!

Homework - Friday 10th February 2017


You've all taken your SPAG and Maths papers home tonight following our recent practice SATs week.

In class this week, we have been going through the papers and looking at how we can improve our marks. Over the weekend, have another look through your papers - start by identifying those questions where silly mistakes cost you a mark, for example where those rogue capital letters crept in! How many more marks would you have achieved in your tests had you not made these mistakes?

Next, look at the things that you were unsure of - hopefully, now that we have gone over these things in class, they will make more sense to you but it would be a good idea to revise these topics. You could use your homework books (SPAG and Maths) to find explanations and examples and you could use resources on the internet to practice with - grammaropolis, MyMaths etc


Next Friday, we are going to have another go at the SPAG paper and one of the Maths reasoning papers. Use this weekend to prepare for this - we are confident that your scores will improve!

Homework due Monday 6th February


Your homework this weekend is to make a poster to advertise our Macbeth showcase.

The details:

Macbeth Showcase

Year 5 & 6

Tuesday 14th February 2017


All Year 5 & 6 parents welcome


Your poster should make parents excited to come and watch our showcase, it should give them a taste of what's in store.

Bring your posters to school on Monday and we will choose the best ones to display around school and on our website.

Have fun!

Homework due Monday 30th January


Your homework this weekend is to complete and prepare your speech ready to present to the class next week.

You've all taken home your draft at whatever stage you managed to get up to in our lessons this week. Your first job will be to complete your draft so that you have a full speech. Remember that your speech needs to be persuasive and interesting for your audience. Ask somebody to look through it with you at home and help you to improve it.

Once your speech is finished and is as fabulous as you can make it, prepare to present to your classmates next week. You will have to practice speaking confidently and think about our steps to success (if you can find somebody at home to listen and give you feedback, that would be even better).

Also, prepare your cue cards ready to give your speech next week. 


Homework due Monday 23rd January


This weekend, I'd like you to have a go at writing the first paragraph of your speech.

You should have now made a decision about the topic of your speech and be ready to start writing.

Remember, you need to hook your audience in straight away, think about how you are going to persuade them that your idea is the best idea! 

On Monday, we're going to look at all of your paragraphs and up-level them so make sure you have it with you!

Homework 6th January 2017


As you know, our Public Speaking competition for 2017 has now been launched (see the letter below) and your homework this weekend is to come up with three possible ideas for your speech.

'If I were Prime Minister for a day...'

For each idea, wrote a short paragraph explaining what it is and why you think that it would make a good speech. Maybe you could research current local, national or international issues for your speech - check out the news round website for some inspiration.

Bring your ideas to school on Monday - Good Luck!

Spellings 6.1.17

Group 1
Group 2

Homework 9.12.16


This weekend, i'd like you all to learn our verses for the KS2 Christmas Concert. You've all taken a copy of our verses home and i'd like you to memorise them so that we can practice without words from Monday.

I'd also like you to practice our songs:

Spellings 2.12.16

Miss Jarman's Group
Mrs Coleman's Group

Homework for Monday 5th December


Find out about The Globe Theatre, its location, connection to Shakespeare and its long history. If you are a Dr Who fan, you could even look up the episode The Shakespeare Code!


As an extension, if you are up for a challenge, see if you can make a model of this famous English landmark.

Homework due Monday 28th November


It is almost time for Year 6 to enjoy the Young Shakespeare Company's performance of Macbeth as we begin another new topic. 

Over the weekend, see what you can find out about William Shakespeare, can you make a fact file about this famous playwright. 


Good Luck!

Homework due Monday 21st November


We've now started our new class novel There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar.

Sachar is an American author who has written many famous children's books - what can you find out about him?

We'll share your findings on Monday before we read the next chapter of the novel.

Spellings 11.11.16

Topic Homework due Monday 7th November


On Thursday 17th November, we will join Year 5 for a celebration of the end of our WW2 topic.

We will take part in our very own VE Day style street party, enjoying food made with our rations, playing games and dancing to some of the hits of the 1940s.

So, what can you find out about VE Day?

Find out as many facts as you can about the day and think about what it would have been like to experience it. Also, can you find out what VJ Day was?






Topic Homework due Tuesday 2nd November


Over the holidays, I would like you to write a Flossie style journal entry set in WW2. You can choose your own characters or place yourself in to Flossie's story. You should use the type of language that Flossie uses as well as your knowledge of the era to create a piece of work that you can be proud of.

Remember to decorate your work carefully, use Flossie's codes and her love of quirky illustrations to help you. 

Good luck!

(Hint: If you google the book, there's lots of images of it online!)

Image result for my war diary

Topic Homework due Monday 17th October


This week, we've been presenting our findings about World War 2 in lots of interesting ways. This weekend, I would like you to use what you've learnt to complete either a poem about evacuation (similar to our Blitz poems) or write a letter in reply to the evacuee letter that you wrote in class.


Fancy an extra challenge?

Can you make a prop that we could use on our Green Screen day next Thursday. You could make an evacuee tag or a gas mask box or something of your own choice.

Good luck!

Topic Homework due Monday 10th October

This week, we have been learning all about evacuation and thinking about what life would have been like for an evacuee.

We've also looked at some of the posters that were used as propaganda during the war to encourage mothers to evacuate their children. Can you design and make your own propaganda poster that would encourage parents to evacuate their children?

You should think carefully about the image that you choose to have on your poster and the colours that you use. You should also think about your slogan -  is it catchy, persuasive and memorable? Put your best effort in to producing a high quality piece of work - I'd love to display some of your posters in the classroom!

Spellings 7.10.16

Topic Homework due Monday 3rd October


What was THE BLITZ?

Can you find out which areas were affected most during THE BLITZ? Why do you think these areas were the most heavily affected?

What facts can you find out about THE BLITZ and what do you think life would have been like for people living in our towns and cities at this time?

TIP: The Woodlands website is a good place to begin your research, just google 'woodlands world war 2'.



Topic Homework due Monday 26th September


What was the Battle of Britain?

What can you find out about the Battle of Britain? Start by finding out when it began and when it ended and then find out as many facts as you can about it.

Good Luck!





Topic Homework due Monday 19th September


What can you find out about Operation Pied Piper?

Why do you think it was given that particular name?




Topic Homework 9.9.16


Topic homework is usually due in on a Monday but this week you have extra time, it isn't due in until Friday 16th September.


Of course, you are

welcome to bring it in earlier if you want to!!



DO NOT send your child into school if they have any ONE of the following symptoms: (1) A HIGH TEMPERATURE (this mean they feel hot to the touch on their back or chest) - (2) A NEW, CONTINUOUS COUGH (this means coughing a lot, for more than one hour, or 3 or more coughing episode within 24 hours) - (3) A LOSS OR CHANGE TO SENSE OF SMELL OR TASTE (this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal)