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Year 3

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26 / 7/ 16 last day of the academic year!

Outside in the woods ready for our performance poetry...

Enjoying our reward for filling the class marble jar!

Putting the weeks of hockey skills into practise playing team games.

Exploring, drawing and making Greek pots.

Olympic fun with a 'real life' Olympian...GB Diver James Denny!

and the Oscar for the best Greek God goes to...

Trying our best to beat Usain Bolt's 100m world record!

Enjoying PE with the Manchester United youth coaches.

Our amazing weather reports

Still image for this video
Our weather reports have now been edited (it was a lengthy process). We enjoyed working together in groups to plan, record and film our reports.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

After weeks of hard work we performed 'Hoodwinked' with Year 4. It was amazing!

We have won the attendance award for last week (week beginning14th March) with 100%! This is the fifth time we have won the award this award!

Well Done Team Year 3!!

We had an amazing time watching and listening to the Halle Orchestra!


Well Done!

Children from years 3, 4, 5 & 6 represented the school at a KS2 gymnastics tournament at Silver Springs. Those involved were incredible - with both 3/4 and 5/6 teams winning medals.

The year 3/4 team won Gold and will now go on to represent the School and indeed the Borough in the Greater Manchester competition at Sport City!

The year 5/6 team won Bronze and should be very proud as only two of the five members take part in gymnastics outside of school!

There were also a number of individual awards, including a Gold medal for one of our year 3 gymnasts, a Silver for one of our year 5 gymnasts, and a Silver for one of our year 4 gymnasts.

A fantastic achievement!

Our fantastic gymnasts with their medals : )

Well Done!


We have won the attendance award for last week (week beginning 29th February) with 99.17%! This is the fourth time we have won the award this award! 


We also won the Tidiest Classroom Award again too!


We are so proud of everyone in Year 3! We are a great team :)

Dressing up fun for World Book Day!

MASTERCHEF! We had lots of fun introducing our new topic... 'How did that blosson become an apple?'


Mrs Beryl’s Classroom Award

The award for the best kept classroom, the last week of term was awarded to... Year 3 :)

Yeah! Year 3 have achieved the attendance award again (Week beginning 25th January)!!
CONGRATULATIONS! Year 3 achieved the attendance award this week (week beginning 11 / 1/ 2016) with 99.00%. WELL DONE EVERYONE :)

Developing our understanding of chronology by working together to create a human timeline.

There have been eruptions in Year 3 today...

Still image for this video

There have been eruptions in Year 3 today...

Still image for this video

There have been eruptions in Year 3 today...

Still image for this video

There have been eruptions in Year 3 today...

Still image for this video

There have been eruptions in Year 3 today...

Still image for this video

There have been eruptions in Year 3 today...

Still image for this video

There have been eruptions in Year 3 today...

Still image for this video

There have been eruptions in Year 3 today...

Still image for this video

There have been eruptions in Year 3 today...

Still image for this video

There have been reports of volcanic eruptions in Year 3...

We had fun carrying out our durability investigation...

Olympic Maths - estimating, measuring, comparing and ordering different lengths and heights before sharing, collating and interpreting results to award the winning team with their medals!

Our new Kagan groups. Let the learning in the Spring Term commence...

Creating our Volcanoes ready for eruption...

KS2 Christmas Carol Concert

We enjoyed Christmas Dinner

Getting all technical! Filming and using the green screen to create our weather reports.


Well done Year 3 – We achieved the school attendance award last week with 99.67% (week beginning 23/ 11 /15). Can we do it again? We certainly hope so!

Our fantastic calligrams!

Using ICT to create calligrams

Children in Need...who is your hero?

We celebrated Diwali and linked our learning to our English unit when we followed instructions to make our own Diva Lamps

Our Year 3 Football Stars

Oh no! What has happened to our classroom? What made the Earth angry?

Stretching our brains... algorithms!!

Our environment helps us to learn...

Are magnets the same strength? We enjoyed our investigation trying to answer this question.

Look at our fantastic homework...we designed and made Victorian games.

Our new Kagan groups ready for learning in Autumn 2.

We are enjoying learning about forces and magnets this half term.

Recreating Lowry. We looked at the paintings created by L.S.Lowry. We looked closely to see what the images tell us about life at this time. We then deveoped our art skills by recreating one of his paintings.

We had fun recreating a Lowry portrait of Anne.

Our Kagan Groups

Travelling back to the Victorian Era on a timeline

Portland Basin Trip Information

Memories from Year 2...

We are always ready to learn!

Come and look at the different areas of our classroom. We go into the science zone to investigate.

We use '3 before me' to learn to become independent. Our 'Working Walls' help us with this.

We all enjoy a good book in here!

We are always winning prizes and awards and we like to celebrate them here.

Our first few weeks have been full of new beginnings. We have enjoyed getting to know our Kagan groups and have been enjoying exploring the local area through our geography. We have been investigating different materials and have been enjoying the story of 'The Snail and the Whale' in our literacy.


Have a look at a few pieces of our work. Haven't we made a good start?

We have also enjoyed studying Debussy's 'La Mer' in music and composing our own sea themed music.

We also enjoyed our very first yoga session!

Week beginning Monday 22nd September


This week, we have been busy learning how to add using number facts and the number lines. We have also enjoyed making sea inspired mood boards in art. In literacy, we have been looking at improving our sentence structures. In topic we have been looking at the differences between human and physical geography features. However, our highlight had to be our 'Superhero day'. On Friday we earned special certificates, used our superhero names and completed several challenges!

Week Beginning 29th September.

After an exciting week looking at superheroes and meeting our class governor, we have been enjoying looking at 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. We have written diary entries, recipes for disgusting sandwiches and have even made a pond weed potion to deter those pesky seagulls!


   In numeracy, we had a preview of a spooky visitor called Witch Wendy who left lots of challenges for Year 2! Will she be back in time for Halloween?!

   We have really been developing our ICT skills, using Comic Life and Pic Collage to think about where Dora could enjoy an exciting holiday. You can see some of our work here.

Week Beginning 6th October

This week we have been investigating in science. Check out our pictures below. We have considered the question 'What materials would be best to make a roof?' We looked at the following video to discuss what is meant by fair testing and we worked in our Kagan groups to investigate and test different materials.

We also said goodbye to one of our friends, who is moving house so will be starting a new school. They will be very lucky to get her!

Week Beginning Monday 13th October

Year 2 took a very spooky twist this week! Look what happened to our classroom when a special visitor came and left us some challenges!

Does our shelf need a good dusting?!
Beware of the toxic cauldron!
A recipe for witches brew.

News and Important Information

Coming soon 23.10.14 Please note the change in date due to forest schools!

Science Day

Please feel free to wear a big white shirt (lab coat) to be a scientist for the day.

We will be investigating...

Which foods are healthiest for Mr Grinling's lunch box?
How will we get Mr Grinling's lunch across the wire safely?
How can we power Mr Grinling's lighthouse?



Don't forget photo day this Monday!


This Wednesday (22nd), Year 2 are taking part in 'Forest  Schools'.This is a great opportunity to work in our woodland area and get very muddy so please bring suitable clothing.

The last day..


The last day of this half term will be non-uniform day. As we are coming to the end of our Halloween topic, if your child prefers they can come to school dressed up as a spooky character! We will also be performing our Sing up! song 'Cartoon Heroes' so some children may choose to come to school dressed as their favourite superhero! This is not obligatory and non-uniform is just fine!

Forest Schools 22/10/14

What a wonderful afternoon we had, during our 'Forest Schools' workshop. We had the opportunity to complete several fairy tale based challenges including making a porridge for the 'Three Bears', recreating the tale of 'Little Red Riding Hood' and building a house for the 'Three Little Pigs'. We also enjoyed getting very muddy in the process! Look at all the fun we had!

Year 2 Science Day

Today  was 'Science Day' and we completed lots of different investigations based around the book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. Here we are working hard.

The first few weeks back...

Well, Year 2 have come back to school full of enthusiasm and ready to learn! It has been a hectic few weeks with lots  going on! In English, we have been focusing on creating a non-fiction book using the iPads. Look out for these soon! In maths we have been using the number line to calculate larger numbers. We have enjoyed looking at how animals adapt to their habitat in Science also. Our main topic is now history where we are studying key events in England's history.

News Flash!
Year 2's class assembly will take place on Friday 5th December.


Week Beginning Monday 1st December

Year 2 did a fabulous assembly this week and really enjoyed having their relatives in to see all their work. We were also pleased to see our class governor again. Well done on learning your lines!


And so we have completed one full term!

Year 2 have done some wonderful things in the run up to Christmas, including our class assembly. We've written to the Queen, taken part in Number Day and have been taking lessons in gymnastics! Phew! We are certainly ready for a good rest now!


                                            Merry Christmas!

Christmas Party 2014

Spring Term 2015

Well our first Spring half term has got off to a wonderful start. The children have returned to school full of stories of their wonderful holidays and have clearly been doing lots of learning during their breaks.


UPDATE- The Year 2 and 3 play will now be in the Summer term due to the fact we are too busy! We have lots to fit into this half term and would like the play to be a real event that the children can get stuck into!



A familiar face!

We were very pleased to receive a visit from our friend!

Last week Miss Lees went to the ICT conference the 'Bett Show' to think about developing the school's use of technology in Key Stage 1.  Year 2 and Year 5 worked together to become school planners for the day! Skills learned included researching, market research, data handling and designing. We also came up with a rationale to explain our choices. We also developed our Kagan skills including coaching.

Celebrating World Book Day!


Today was an exciting day as we all came to school dressed as our favourite book characters! We celebrated in a special assembly and even the staff got involved! We entered several competitions throughout the day such as designing a book token and writing a short story of exactly 100 words! Will any of us be the next big author?

Who came to school today?

Super Science...

For our science topic, we have been looking at light and dark with a special focus on nocturnal animals. I have received some lovely projects on this subject. We were especially lucky when Jessica and her grandma made us a lovely hedgehog cake. It was truely yummy!

Hedgehogs are a perfect example of nocturnal animals!

Super Science

As part of our science topic, we investigated what conditions plants grew best under by looking at what survived in our playground. Here are our findings...

Plant life at School

Practical Maths

We learn in lots of different ways at this school. Some of us have been preparing for our assessments by looking at data handling. We have been practically sorting objects into Venn diagrams.

Summer Term

The weather has been hotting up and what an action pack term it has turned out to be!

  We have all enjoyed rehearsing and working on our musical production 'Pirates V Mermaids!' Thankyou to all the parents, relatives and friends that came to cheer us on and for the wonderful costumes. The children really did me proud.


Here's a couple of pictures of us practising before we went on!

Year 2 Trip to Eureka Museum

Year 2 had a wonderful end of term trip to Halifax to the Eureka museum. We all had a great day and enjoyed the many exhibitions which helped us learn about how our bodies work, the desert and how sound is made amongst other things. We especially enjoyed visiting the pretend house, shop and bank! Everyone was worn out by the end of the day!



DO NOT send your child into school if they have any ONE of the following symptoms: (1) A HIGH TEMPERATURE (this mean they feel hot to the touch on their back or chest) - (2) A NEW, CONTINUOUS COUGH (this means coughing a lot, for more than one hour, or 3 or more coughing episode within 24 hours) - (3) A LOSS OR CHANGE TO SENSE OF SMELL OR TASTE (this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal)