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Year 2


Welcome to Year 2's Class Page smiley


Please feel free to have a look around to find out about all the exciting things we have been up to in Year Two!



The children and teaching staff in Year Two would like to invite parents and carers to our class assembly on

Friday 15th July at 9.10am.


Please come along to see your children present examples of their learning this term through our topic - Keeping Healthy and Being Active!



Thanks to everyone who came to the Maths Workshop this week.


We were able to look at calculation strategies and share sample questions from the new arithmetic paper for the End of Key Stage One Assessments in 2016.


Details of the End of Key Stage One Assessments are outlined in the document below. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Mrs Coleman



A visitor to school worked with our class to help us to learn about

 The Great Fire of London through dance and drama.

Our first class assembly this year is on Friday 6th November at 9.10am.

Please come along to see your children present examples of their learning this half term through our topic - Land and Sea.

These fantastic pieces of art work have been created after studying underwater illustrations in

The Snail and the Whale story by Julia Donaldson.

Dora's mum came to visit!!

We had a very exciting visitor in year two this week! On Thursday Dora the Explorer's mum came to visit!!! She asked the children to help her to find Dora so that they could travel back to Mexico. The children had an exciting time looking for Dora with binoculars and a magnifying glass from her back pack. 

The first day in our fantastic new school!

Memories from Year 1....

What is Year One up to the last term of the year?


This term's topic is called 'Would The Beatles win the X Factor?' We will be studying changes through living memory and focusing on significant individuals in Britain's past who have contributed to our nation's achievements.  

Year 1's trip to Liverpool!

We had a fantastic trip to The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool which the children really enjoyed. After walking through the exhibition where we saw lots of original Beatles memorabilia including guitars, John Lennon's glasses and even a duplicate of the Cavern Club as it was when The Beatles became famous, we went into the discovery zone. 


In the discovery zone, we dressed up as The Beatles and wore clothes from the 1960s whilst we enjoyed a boogie and learnt more about old records. Then we got to play on the interactive floor keyboard where we worked as a team to play 'Yellow Submarine' and 'She Loves You'. 

Year 1 has got the X Factor!

Thank you to those parents who could make it to our X Factor assembly last Friday. As you can see, the children really enjoyed themselves and have loved this topic. We hope you had as much as fun as we have! 

What is Year One up to in the first Summer term?

Our topic this half term is science based "Why would Little Red Riding Hood find our school grounds an interesting place to be?" We will be investigating how plants grow, carrying out lots of experiments and looking around our school to see which plants and birds we can find. This also links in with our literacy unit where the focus will be Traditional Tales.

Getting into character!

We've been getting into character, creating still images and using our facial expressions to show which character we were. Then we thought about how those characters were feeling. Can you spot Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf and the Woodcutter? Or how about a trapped princess, a fire breathing dragon and a brave knight? 
We've been investigating how plants grow! We worked in our kagan groups to plant cress seeds. We've put them in different conditions to see which seeds grow the best. Some are in the dark with no water and some have water and others are in the light with water and some with no water. Check back to see what we find out from our investigation!
We braved the weather last week, stuck our wellies on and went on an adventure as plant hunters! We searched for all kinds of different flowers and plants and we found all sorts like ivy, daffodils, daisies, dandelions, nettles, buttercups and clovers! 

All about Sunflowers!

This week in Literacy, we've been learning all about Sunflowers. We've been using the information we've found out to organise a glossary and contents page, create a life cycle of a sunflower and practice reading some words related to Sunflowers. We're going to use all our new skills to help us make an information book about Sunflowers!

What is Year One up to in the second Spring term?


Our topic this term is history based. Our learning questions are 'Where do and did the wheels on the bus go?' and 'Why is the Wii more fun than grandma and granddad's old toys?' Children will be learning all toys and transport from the past and will be able to explain how some old toys and transport worked. 

Our trip to the Museum of Transport...

We really enjoyed our trip to the Museum of Transport this week. The children developed their knowledge of transport from the past and we got to look at some very, very old buses! We got on some of the buses and could see how they had changed over time - some of the buses didn't even have engines! The children were impeccably behaved and the staff at the museum commented on how lovely, polite and well behaved everybody was, we are very proud! 

World Book Day!

That Naughty Bus...!

We read 'The Naughty Bus' book in class and the very next day...our own Naughty Bus turned up! We're trying to catch him but he keeps taking himself to different parts of the classroom and school for a new adventure. We've decided that we are going to write a set of instructions to catch The Naughty Bus!

An Explore Learning visit...

Explore Learning came to visit our class and we had such fun! We were learning all about measuring and we helped to put animals back in order of length and weight and get them back to the zoo! We worked in our kagan groups and used good team work, Explore Learning were impressed with how well we worked together! 



We finally caught that Naughty Bus after we wrote some excellent instructions! When we caught him, we decided to take him on some adventures ourselves so we set up dinosaur land, legoland, fruit world, a jungle and dragon princess land! The bus had a great time and we got to write some fabulous stories where we pretended to be the bus as we went on the adventures smiley
What a great half term we have had. We've learnt lots about old transport and toys and finished off our learning by creating our very own Naughty Bus with the junk we brought in! Well done Year One! 

What is Year One up to in the first Spring term?


Our topic this term is 'Why can't Meerkats live in the North Pole?' Children will be learning all about hot and cold places, looking at the features of these and what kind of animals live there. 

Meerkat Manor - The Story Begins...

This documentary is brilliant for learning all about the Kalahari desert as it follows a family group of Meerkats called the 'Whiskers' family.  We will be watching short clips of 'Meerkat Manor' as part of our learning.

We've been very busy the first week back!

We used Google Earth on the iPads to locate the UK..we even found Ashton-Under-Lyne! Then we searched for the Kalahari desert where Sunny the meerkat lives - we found out that it's very far away! 

Then we went on a hunt for 3D shapes!

We've been learning about 3D shapes. We looked around our school and classroom to see if we could find any 3D shapes and used the blocks to find out which shapes were best for building towers! Can you spot any 3D shapes at home?

We found our phoneme families!

The 'i' Family
The 'o' Family
The 'er' Family
In phase 5, we have been learning which graphemes (a letter or number of letters that represent a sound) make the same phoneme (the unit of sound). We played noisy letters and had to walk like jelly around our classroom whilst saying our phoneme. Then we had to find others who were saying the same sound as us so we could find our phoneme family, it was great fun! frown
We enjoyed a fantastic visit from 'The Wildlife Roadshow' this week. Abbey had lots of amazing animals that she brought in to share with us and we even got to hold some - we were very brave! We found out lots of interesting facts about different animals like a crested gecko, a bearded dragon, a corn snake, a chilean rose tarantula, a madagascar hissing cockroach and even a giant african land snail! For example, did you know a crested gecko can live without it's tail? We had a brilliant time and learnt a lot about the different habitats which will help us learn even more about hot and cold places! 

We have been investigating how ice melts!

A message from the Kalahari desert...

Still image for this video

Our ice experiments...

Still image for this video

we worked in our kagan groups..

Still image for this video

We helped each other and worked together!

Still image for this video

A visit from the Life Caravan..

We had a visit from the Life Caravan on Friday last week, it was really fun! We learnt about the different parts inside our body and what they do to. We also learnt how to keep these parts healthy and which foods are good for our body. We tried to get our hearts beating faster so we could feel the beat by moving around fast! After that we got to meet the giraffe and even gave him a little stroke! 

What is Year One up to in the second Autumn term?


Scroll down to find out!

Well done to absolutely everyone in Year One, what a fabulous Nativity play! Please have a look at some of the pictures below!

Please note our Christmas production of 'The Camel's Arms' will be performed by our Nursery and Reception classes alongside Year 1 on 9th and 10th of December. More information will follow shortly.



We've been practicing for our assembly this week and reflecting about what we learnt last term. Here's a sneak preview of a little part of our assembly. We hope you can make it next Friday 14th November from 9.10 am!  

We enjoyed our first yoga session back after half term!

We've been discovering which seasons we were born in...

..and we made a human bar graph to see which was the most popular season to be born in Year 1. 

What has Year One been doing in the first Autumn term?


Scroll down to find out!

What a fabulous first term we have had in Year One! We've learnt lots about animals including domestic and wild animals, where they live, what they eat, animals that are similar and different to humans and the human body. In literacy, we have written our own stories and a report based on the Tiger that Came to Tea and in maths we have been learning our number bonds, addition and subtraction to 10 and how to measure length.


Well done Year One! crying

Busy day in Year 1

We have been using the iPads to discover how lots of different animals move this week..

Mysterious footprints found! Who has been in our Year 1 classroom..?

Breaking News! Year 1 receive a message from mysterious animal!

Still image for this video

We've been up to lots of exciting things this week...

Still image for this video
We've been learning how to write a report by learning and reciting a report we created all about tigers. We added actions to help us remember the words!

and an URGENT letter was delivered to Year One on Friday 3rd October..

Year One decided to raise money to adopt Alfie the tiger and to do this we would do a sponsored tiger walk on Friday 10th October! We're going to be dressed as tigers for the whole day and will be doing our walking like tigers sponsored walk around the playground on this day too!

The Animal Boogie!

Still image for this video

Year One have been learning the Animal Boogie song! We will be singing this song as part of the school's Sing Up assembly towards the end of this half term.


If you would like to have a listen to the song in full, you can find it at:

Next week, we will be learning how to write instructions and we will be writing instructions for making a finger puppet!

Tiger dance to 'Roar'!

Still image for this video
Due to bad weather, the children decided to do a sponsored tiger dance instead of a sponsored tiger walk. Enjoy! smiley


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DO NOT send your child into school if they have any ONE of the following symptoms: (1) A HIGH TEMPERATURE (this mean they feel hot to the touch on their back or chest) - (2) A NEW, CONTINUOUS COUGH (this means coughing a lot, for more than one hour, or 3 or more coughing episode within 24 hours) - (3) A LOSS OR CHANGE TO SENSE OF SMELL OR TASTE (this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal)