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Year 2

Welcome To Year 2's Class Page
Be sure to check out what Year Two has been getting up to over the year!


Summer 2

Observational shell drawing

Thank You!


Thank you to every one who came to our class assembly this morning! The children were very proud of their performance and we hoped you all enjoyed it too!

Class Assembly Songs

As our class assembly takes place next week (12th July) it would be really helpful if you could practice the songs below with your children! You may even be able to join in and sing along with us on the day! Thank you!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - golden ticket oompa loompa.mp3

Stuck in the mud.mp3

Cliff Richard and The Shadows - Summer Holiday.mp3

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds.mp3

Awe and Wonder: fizzy colours and cornflower slime. We used our observation and questioning skills to investigate.

We made delicious healthy pitta pockets in D&T 🥙

We have been learning about how to take better care of ourselves by remembering to wash our hands. Here are some of our posters to remind others.

Summer 2 Newsletter

Summer 1

Summer 1 Newsletter

Drumming workshop

Evil Pea has been arrested: time to recruit some police officers to interview him!

Evil Pea's police interview: question 1

Still image for this video

Evil Pea's Police Interview - question 2

Still image for this video

Evil Pea's police interview - question 3

Still image for this video

Supertato: our new focus book for the next few weeks. Evil pea even made an appearance in maths, creating missing number problems for us to solve.

Spring 2

We will be learning about plant life cycles next half term. Thanks to Heinz we have lots of tomato seeds to plant. The children will be bringing their plants home to be looked after. We welcome any photos of your home-grown plants over the coming weeks!

Daffodils - we had a well earned break painting daffodils this afternoon. We carefully drew them step by step and created beautiful water colour paintings.

Run for the elephants - we ran laps around the playground to raise money so we can sponsor an African elephant. Thanks for your support!

Save the Elephants! We made posters to help make people aware of why elephants are endangered.

Rocket Mouse - Our investigation for British Science Week

Spring 1

As part of our Chinese New Year celebrations we made some charcoal and marbling art work. We used milk with a little bit of red and yellow poster paint mixed with water and washing up liquid to make the amazing backgrounds, as well as using charcoal to draw the outlines of our Chinese dragon and different thickness drawing pencils to add the details. It was very messy but lots of fun!

Explore to Learn come to visit

PSHE - we've been talking a lot about feelings in our class and thinking about how our feelings affect the way we act.

Identifying Animal Species

We worked in Kagan groups to sort animals into different species by discussing what features each of the animals shared. When we had finished we decided in our group what species of animal we thought a dragon would belong in and explaining our reasoning by referring to animal characteristics.

Breaking News: Dragons in Ashton!! We just can't believe it!

Spring 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2

Christmas Jumper Day - we supported Save the Children!

We made parachutes for homework then tested them by dropping them out of a KS2 window.

Parachute testing

Still image for this video
We tested our parachutes to see which were the best. We discovered so much. The larger parachutes worked better because they trapped more air underneath them to help them float down more slowly and safely.

Parachute testing!

Still image for this video
2TK Festive Team Building
IN 2TK we have practised developing our Kagan team building skills by working in groups to see who could make the longest paper chain. We needed to work together to make sure each strip was decorated and added into the chain! As you can see we had lots of fun and did an amazing job!

Buddy the elf updates

Miss Knowles' class really want an elf in their classroom. We wrote letters to Father Christmas to ask him if we might have an elf visit us. Lucy's letter was fantastic!

Our Newspaper Reports: we needed to report our amazing elf news! We wrote a front page to explain to the rest of school what has happened!

The letter

Still image for this video
Buddy left us a letter and Hope read it to the class. It was a poem explaining that he has come from Santa and he is watching and listening in our classroom for children who are good, kind, true and hard working. He said he might be leaving little treats. We can't wait!

An elf has arrived in 2JB!!

Still image for this video
We couldn't believe it this morning! We found a rope hanging from our window, a magic dust trail on the floor and a little red elf sat on the shelf! How exciting!!

Year 2 Coronation Party

For our WOW day this term we held a 1950's theme 'Queen's Coronation Party' in year 2. We started the day by watching a video of the Queen's actual coronation and identifying the sights, sounds and similarities and differences between the present day and 1953. We also learnt the words to our national anthem and practised singing it together. After lunch we made our own Union Flags and ate our 1950's style party food. We tried cucumber sandwiches, cream cheese and celery, jelly and ice cream with cloudy lemonade. To end the day we learnt how to dance a 1950's jive! What an exciting day we had!

Practising our spanish

Finding speech in the 'Queens Knickers

Practising multiplication and division with the 'Queens Knickers

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Remembrance Day


We made tissue paper poppies in Kagan groups and discussed why it is important to remember those who have experienced war on this special day. 

Mento Fizzy Drink Experiment


We tested 5 different fizzy drinks with mentos to see which would make the biggest explosion!
2JB Class Meeting
During class meeting we built shoe towers to work on our team building skills. It was really fun but tricky too. We had to work out the best way to make each box balance as well as listen to each other. 

Autumn 1

Year 2 Autumn 1 News Letter

Making our own Wonka scrumdiddlyumptious bars! 

Testing materials in Science

Does it bend? Does it twist? Does it squash? Does it stretch?

This terms 'Sing up' song is a mash-up of I've Got a Golden Ticket/Oompa Loompa! We hope you enjoy practising singing along at home!

All about Ashton

Thank you for your support with homework, we used our research to help us create presentations to try and persuade people to visit our favourite places in Ashton. We wrote a short speech including simlies and adjectives in our topic books. We used a new app called Tellagami. We created an avatar of ourselves and changed the background. Then we recorded our voices reading our speeches. We hope you like our presentations as much as we do. More to follow tomorrow! 

Leon - Cineworld

Still image for this video

Jacob - Knott Hill

Still image for this video

Maliha - Stamford Park

Still image for this video
Me vs You in 2TK

In 2TK week we have been looking at developing our team work skills. Miss Knowles set us a tricky task called 'ME vs YOU' in which we had to earn points by working together sensibly and effectively during the week. The catch was if Miss Knowles and Miss Binmore earned the most points at the end of the week they would earn treat time and we would have to work! At first we found it really tricky but as the week developed; we reminded each other to do our best listening and moving around the room as well as encouraged each other to try our best while doing carpet and focus work. On Friday afternoon the scores were in and… We beat Miss Knowles by 2 points!! Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our well-earned treat! Make sure to check our class page next week to see who wins!

Five Senses Chocolate Exploration
Sorting Human and Physical Features
In Geography we have been learning about the differences between human and physical features. We worked in our Kagan groups using the fan and pick structure to help us sort pictures into the two categories. Can you write a list of human and physical features you might find in Ashton-Under-Lyne?
Finding materials around our school
In Science we have been looking at the properties of different materials. We looked around our school to find where they were being used and then discussed why we thought certain objects maybe made out of specific materials.
'Mrs Twit' came to Year 2 to show us how to make her 'Special, Surprise Sandwich' for Mr Twit. We watched her carefully and thought about what order she was placing the ingredients and imperatives she was using. When 'Mrs Twit' left we wrote instructions on how to make her sandwich. Can you hear any imperatives when you watch this video?
During the Roald Dahl 100 week we looked at pictures of the revolting left overs found in Mr Twits Beard. In our Kagan groups we worked in a Write Round Robin to think of adjectives and similes to describe the food. We then used our ideas to create calligram poems and create a huge Mr Twit display.
On 13th September we celebrated Roald Dahl 100 day by wearing our own handmade Mr Twit Beards! We would like to thank everyone for all their hard work at home - we thought the beards looked truly revolting! 

We have been recapping our place value knowledge by using resources to make tens and ones. We worked in Rally Coach with one talking parrot partner making a 2 digit number on a number fan whilst the second partner created the number with resources. 

We have been making 3D bar charts showing Year 2's favourite places to visit in Ashton-Under-Lyne. We worked in our talking parrot partners and practised drawing and labelling axis before using cubes to show the number of votes. We found it quite tricky but we still tried our best and had lots of fun!
DO NOT send your child into school if they have any ONE of the following symptoms: (1) A HIGH TEMPERATURE (this mean they feel hot to the touch on their back or chest) - (2) A NEW, CONTINUOUS COUGH (this means coughing a lot, for more than one hour, or 3 or more coughing episode within 24 hours) - (3) A LOSS OR CHANGE TO SENSE OF SMELL OR TASTE (this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal)