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Year 1

Welcome to Year One's Blog 

Be sure to check out what Year One has been getting up to over the year!

Our first week in Year One...
Spring 1

Animal Classification.

This week in science we have begun to explore classifying animals and have started to make our own fact files using ZooKazam. We also worked in pairs to build animals from only three small clues and investigated how we could group them.

We've come back after our lovely Christmas break to find our classroom has been turned into a rainforest! We've been exploring all the different animals we have found in our classroom and taking a selfie so we can make a piccollage on our iPads!

The animals are out!

To the left, right, forwards, backwards, a quarter turn, half a turn...directions!

Stick Challenge outdoor learning...

Miss Short's class loved their outdoor learning challenge this Friday! They had to work in their Kagan Group to collect as many sticks as they can and then work as a team to build the biggest stick tower! We love working together and came up with some great ideas! Miss Lynch's class are excited for their stick challenge next week! 

Autumn 2


To end our topic we designed, built, raced and evaluated some fabulous vehicles!

Announcing the Holden Clough 2016 Grand Prix winners!!

Our lovely Holden Clough Christmas dinner smiley


Can you believe it that when we came back after our lovely half term break, we found that an astronaut (from NASA!) had crash landed in our corridor?! We found evidence like space goo, a helmet and even a space note from NASA!


The note asked us to help the astronaut who had managed to get to space but had no supplies! They left us special transrobotic paper so that things we drew on were sent to him in space AND there would be a reward if we helped!

The very next day.. Miss Lynch and Miss Short had some very exciting news, they were waiting for NASA to phone to let us know if the poor astronaut had received the supplies we sent him! We waited all day and they eventually phoned in the afternoon...

Miss Lynch and Miss Short and to sort something out for NASA urgently! We had to go outside and wait to find out what was happening. 


When we came back in..our classrooms had been transformed into a space rocket!!!! We could not believe it, NASA had invited us to the moon! We took our seats, put our seatbelts on and video linked up to the control room to see what was happening, some of us were scared! When we finally got to the moon, we saw the Earth was HUGE! Miss Urga and Miss Woodward went to check the coast was clear to explore the moon but when they came back, they found we had not only taken Year 1 to the moon but the whole school!!! We couldn't believe it! NASA didn't have enough space suits for us all so they brought the moon into us, we explored space rocks, alien goo, made a new control panel, read astronaut books and even had a go at using astronaut tools with huge astronaut gloves!



Still image for this video


The children made us all proud on their very first school trip all the way to Liverpool. We loved looking around Albert Dock and found so many things in the museum! Lots of us thought the model of the Titanic was amazing, we couldn't believe how long it is - as big as three football fields put together! 
Autumn 1


We've had a very exciting start to Year One this week. On our first day, we went off for our afternoon break and when we got back... our classrooms were a mess so we went off to investigate. We found bricks, sticks and straw which led us to believe that the BIG BAD WOLF has been in our school! We decided to find out more about houses and even had a go at building our own in our Kagan Groups so that we know how to stay protected from the wolf!

Have you seen this wolf?

Still image for this video
That naughty wolf is still wreaking havoc in our Year One classrooms! Last week, he left a note on our class ipad's that said 'watch me!' He said he was going to huff and puff and blow our school down. We learnt about adjectives and made some wanted to put up around school so everyone can keep their eyes out for him! 

We Love Kagan!

Working together....
we all have a turn at each job..
to say the number, find the number
find the numicon or placing it on the numberline

He's even been in the woods...

You'll never believe it but the Big Bad Wolf has been back again! This time, it looks like he's been having a great time by littering the woods with lots of our creative junk! We had to clean it all up but then we used it to help us learn about grouping materials so we didn't mind too much!

Houses made of different materials

We worked together in teams to build houses for the three little pigs and tested which was the most sturdy! Fabulous teamwork shown, encouraging our peers and ensuring everyone had a role.

Lots of opportunities to investigate materials and how to stick our models together and following a brief to see which house could hold the pebble without breaking.

The results:

WARNING: Wolf spotted at Holden Clough!

CCTV Footage of Big Bad Wolf

Still image for this video

Autumn investigations...

Still image for this video

finding all things Autumn...

Still image for this video
On Fridays, we spend time doing our 'outdoor learning'. Our outdoor learning topic is all about the seasons and so this term we are investigating Autumn and the changes in weather we see throughout this season. 

Weather presenter in the making...

Still image for this video

Investigations on the go...

Still image for this video

In the school's woodland area we tested some materials to see if they were waterproof.. poor Miss Short and Miss Lynch were a bit wet!

After that we did our own experiments and recorded our results. We had to make sure it was a fair test and carry each investigation out under the same conditions.

In Literacy we worked in our Kagan groups to great new front covers for "The Three Little Pigs" on the BookCreator App.

In gymnastics we're been working hard in teams to perfect our different ways of travelling, jumps and balances. Stay tuned for our sequence performances next week.....

DO NOT send your child into school if they have any ONE of the following symptoms: (1) A HIGH TEMPERATURE (this mean they feel hot to the touch on their back or chest) - (2) A NEW, CONTINUOUS COUGH (this means coughing a lot, for more than one hour, or 3 or more coughing episode within 24 hours) - (3) A LOSS OR CHANGE TO SENSE OF SMELL OR TASTE (this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal)