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This Weeks Winners are...

  • Nursery
  • Reception
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6

Staff List

Holden Clough Community
Primary School
Staff 2018/19

School Leadership Team


Mr Kordemir



Miss Hartley

Deputy Headteacher Safeguarding/Child Protection

and EYFS  Leader 


Miss Jarman

Assistant Headteacher


 Miss Boult 



Miss Lynch

Team Leader KS1


Mr Porter 

Team Leader KS2


Mr Jamieson

School Business Manager


Miss Woodward

TA Lead


School Support Team


Mr Shaun Evans

ICT Technician


Mr Theobald

Site Manager


School Office


Mrs Tilley

Mrs Power


Cleaner and Lunch Time Member

Beryl McCann 

Jane Temple

Linzi Shockledge

Shazia Kayani




Subject Co-ordinators


English-Miss Jarman

Maths- Miss Lynch and Mr Porter

Science- Miss Corrigan

Computing- Miss Jarman

PSHE and School Council-Miss Hendry

RE- Ms Corlett

Art-Miss Knowles

Design and Technology- Miss Knowles 

Geography-Miss Bates

History- Miss Bates

Music- Miss Richards/ Miss Prentice

PE- Miss Johnson

Spiritual, Social, Emotional and Cultural Development- Ms Hartley

EYFS- Ms Hartley

Kagan Leader-Miss Lynch 

Languages- Mrs Diaz

Forest Schools - Ms Trucca





Year Groups



Ms Trucca, Mrs Mason-Steels



Mrs Howarth, Miss Hallam, Miss Jones, Miss Hobson, Mrs Mason-Steels (PM)


Year 1

Miss Knowles, Miss Corrigan, Ms Woodward, Mrs Qureshi


Year 2

Miss Lynch, Miss Berry,Miss Johnson, Mrs Davies


Year 3

Miss Hendry, Miss Corlett, Miss Eyre, Mrs Chauhan, Miss Cull


Year 4

Miss Prentice, Mr Pitts, Mrs Walker, Mrs Flynn 


Year 5

Mr Porter, Miss Binmore, Mrs Hepburn


Year 6

Miss Jarman