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School Council


Our School Council Representatives


Year 3CH: Lennon and Olivia

Year 3JC: Brooke  and Damon

Year 4DP: Eleanor and Kian

Year 4SP: Ikram and Shreya

Year 5AH: Leon and Amelia

Year 5SJ: Keane and  Evie

Year 6AP: Grace, Ajay, Georgia, Qasim


Our School Council 2019-2020

The Mayor joined us in school today for our Remembrance Day assembly. The School Council were lucky enough to meet with him afterwards to find out more about his role in our community and to ask him some questions.

We worked together to look at the Smoke Free Gates Award and the reasons why we want our school grounds to be smoke free. This will be something we will be working on during the Autumn term.

Meet our School Council Representatives for this academic year (2018-2019)...

The School Council enjoyed meeting Angela Rayner our MP on Friday (8/3/19).She answered all the questions they had prepared and they even got her autograph!!

To introduce Anti-bullying week the School Council led a whole school assembly. They emphasised the important message behind the theme 'choose respect' and gave us lots to think about with regards to this very important topic.

The School Council have been busy analising the results of the Emotional Health and Well-being questionnaire they helped create.

Our School Council 2016-2017

The school council first met in November. We discussed what a school councils role would be for the school. The children wanted to improve our school, bring new ideas and make sure our school was a happy and bright place to be. 

The meeting also generated a discussion around school meals. They went away with three questions to ask their friends 

1. Are they happy with school meals? 

2. Should we have a menu in class?

3. Should we have grab bags?


The children came back with positive  responses from their friends.

Everyone wanted a menu and the children liked the idea of the grab bags. We set up a meeting with the cook and the manager.    

The school council successfully changed our system for school lunches. The children can choose a meal in advance. They all know what they have chosen for up to 6 weeks. This means all children get the meal they have chosen. Well done school council for your input. 

Watch this space for more projects from the school council. 

DO NOT send your child into school if they have any ONE of the following symptoms: (1) A HIGH TEMPERATURE (this mean they feel hot to the touch on their back or chest) - (2) A NEW, CONTINUOUS COUGH (this means coughing a lot, for more than one hour, or 3 or more coughing episode within 24 hours) - (3) A LOSS OR CHANGE TO SENSE OF SMELL OR TASTE (this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal)