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Welcome to Reception's Class page!

Reminder - Foundation Stage Fund 

The Foundation Stage Fund is £3 every half term. It helps us to provide breakfast in the morning, activities such as baking and other resources to enhance the children’s learning.

Sounds that we are learning in phonics.

On Wednesday we enjoyed looking at and learning about different animals as an enhancement to our topic "Living things". We saw Meerkats, owls, hedgehogs, chameleons, tarantulas and many more. The children were extremely brave - and some even held snakes! 

Kian and Kahlan holding the owl.wmv

Still image for this video

In our guided writing sessions we used the IPads to create fact files about different fish. 

In our painting area we have used pastels to create some beautiful observational drawings. We have also written facts about what we have found out.

We looked at some real sea creatures and made some careful observations using magnifying glasses.

In our Aquarium small world area we have been investigating and counting different sea creatures, and finding out new facts from information books. 

WOW! We started our topic by going on a multi-sensory underwater adventure. We looked at different images from under the sea, listened to sea noises and even got sprayed by water! 

Our new topic is Living things and we are focusing on the book "Fantastic Fish".

As a treat for our fabulous performance in our pirate assembly, we made pirate biscuits. They arghhhh delicious! 

Over the past two weeks we have been making all sorts of pirate props, pirate hats, eye patches, hook hands, treasure maps and spy glasses.

Also, we have made fantastic pirate paintings and treasure chests.

Look at our pirate ship that we built both in our classroom and in the outdoor area.

Walk the plank land lubbers!

Pirate Assembly

Reception will be performing a pirate assembly on Friday 1st July at 9:10am. All parents and/or careers are welcome to come and watch our performance.

Sports Day!!

Well done to all the children who took part in Holden Clough's sport day 2016. We felt so proud of the positive attitudes the children displayed, cheering on their peers and showing great sportsmanship. Thank you again to all the parents who were able to show their support on the day :)

Professional diver James Denny visits Holden Clough!

We were very lucky to have professional diver James Denny promote exercise to young people through a workshop at Holden Clough. He represented England in the 2014 Commonwealth Games with his synchro partner Tom Daley winning a silver medal which he showed to us. Here are some pictures of Reception working up a sweat.


Our caterpillars hatched from their cocoons this week and we held a leaving ceremony for them. We waved them goodbye and wished them good luck as they flew away.


The children have really enjoyed observing the caterpillars on their life cycle into butterflies. This week they have done some fantastic observational drawings and written facts about the butterflies. 

We have been looking at People Who help us. In our Outdoor Area we have been taking on the roles of Police - we set up our own Police Station and a hideout for baddies! 

We have been using our Maths skills to order the numbers on the beanstalk.


We had a mysterious parcel delivered to the school's office. Inside their were some beans and a note attached which said "Plant Me". The children carefully planted them and a huge beanstalk sprouted that has now started to cover our classroom! 


In our Lego area we have been inspired by the popular game mine craft. We have been following and writing instructions on how to make our own characters in the Lego and unifix cubes and have design and labelled our very own mine craft.


We have been lucky enough to have a gymnastics coach visit us and have learnt lots of different balances, jumps and ways of travelling on new equipment.

Our role play has become an ice cream parlour. We have written menus, taken orders, designed our favourite sundaes and painted them. 

In literacy we have been looking at Christopher's Caterpillars by Charlotte Middleton.

We created our own e-books on the iPads adding text, pictures and were the authors to our own very own caterpillar fact files!

In our outdoor area we created a garden centre and have started growing broad beans, grass seeds and peas.

The flower stall next to the garden centre was lots of fun! We wrapped and decorated flower arrangements, added price tags and paid for them using numicon.

In our scrimmbling area we practised lots of fine motor skills to create our very own flowers in flower pots.

Chicken Licken by reception.wmv

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Chicken Licken Part 2.wmv

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A big Thank you to all the parents that came to Stay & Play this week. It was a lovely opportunity to share the children's learning about our mini-theme of "Chicks" smiley

We have really enjoyed having the chicks in our class. This week we got to hold them! 

Thank You for all your support with Sport Relief. The children had a fabulous time and all did brilliantly running round our school, whilst raising money for a fantastic cause. Here is a video of our warm up!

Sport relief.wmv

Still image for this video

A huge Thank you to Logan & his Mum for making these fabulous cakes for Reception for Sport Relief smiley!

In Our Painting Area we have used paint, pens & pastels to do observational drawings of daffodils. 

My Movie.wmv

Still image for this video

On Thursday we moved the chicks into the Brooder Box. We discussed how they need to be given food and water every day and the importance of cleaning them out. 

We have enjoyed exploring in our Small world area. The children have been writing speech bubbles about what the chicks might be saying.

On Wednesday we came into the classroom and 8 chicks had hatched over night. One more chick hatched when we were in school, so we now have 10 altogether smiley

In the Playdough Area we made our very own chicks using different materials. We drew and labelled our chicks. 

On Tuesday one of the eggs hatched! We did some fantastic observational drawings of the chick using charcoals. 

On Monday some Living Eggs arrived in our classroom. We made predictions about what kind of eggs they might be...

In the story the toys all parachuted back down to earth. We made our own parachutes in the workshop area and tested them outside. 

We organised our own party. In our Guided write we wrote party lists, we organised our own party games & had party food. 

The Hoctopize was sad because he had lost his friend, so the toys threw him a party to cheer him up. In circle time we discussed different ways to make our friends feel happy.

On Monday we found 7 toys lying on the floor. We talked about where they could have come from and discussed how we would feel if we lost our toys. In Literacy we read the story Toys in Space. 

On Monday we explored the snow in our water tray. We used clipboards to record questions about what we wanted to find out about the snow.

Happy Valentines Day - Lots of Love Reception heart

To celebrate the Chinese new year, we created our own Chinese dragon in the workshop and created a dance in our outdoor area!

Our new role play area features a hospital. We have had some very poorly patients.

We used The Green Screen to retell the story of The Bear Hunt. A big Thank You to the talented Harry, Amelia & Charlie in Year 6 for doing the filming, sound & editing! 

We're going on a Bear Hunt Part 1 Reception A.wmv

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We're going on a Bear Hunt Part 2 Reception A.wmv

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We're going on a bear hunt dance.wmv

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We wrote some fabulous alternative endings to the story. 

We have painted some beautiful pictures of the different settings in the story. 

In the Workshop we have made backpacks, torches, binoculars and phones to take on our bear hunt. 

This week we have been looking at the story "We're going on a Bear hunt". 

In our Small World Area we built settings for the story of Goldilocks & The Three Bears. We used the app "Animate" to make animations of different sections of the story. 

Goldilocks animation.wmv

Still image for this video

We found footprints in the classroom and predicted who we thought it might be. Some of us thought it could be Goldilocks!

This week we have been looking at the story of Goldilocks & The Three Bears.

In our Chip Shop role play area we have taken on the role of servers and customers. We have developed some good language and this has generated some super writing!

We looked at different types of penguins in the Painting Area and created some beautiful pictures. 

In Literacy we learned a section of the story of The Penguin and retold it using actions.

Penguin by Reception B.wmv

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Our overarching theme this term is "How Food Changes". We made some melting Snowman biscuits in the snack area to tie in with our mini-theme of Winter. 

On Tuesday we read the story "Penguin" by Polly Dunbar. 

On Monday we received a present! We looked at the shape of the present and guessed what it might be...inside was a penguin!

Our WOW for our topic of winter was an igloo in the classroom!!

In the water area this week we explored ice made from shaving foam, foam icebergs and polar animals.

Facts about polar bears By Reception.wmv

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We're great big polar bears.wmv

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This half term the children have been learning to be more independent and how to get changed for PE and the Nativity etc. Please could you check your child's PE kit and school bag to ensure that all clothing belongs to your child.  Please return any items that do not belong to your child by Friday 18th of December so that we can ensure they are returned before the Christmas holidays. 
Please label all belongings with a permanent marker.

REMINDER - Please remember to send your child's book, reading diary and words into school everyday  smiley

On Thursday we had lots of fun at our Christmas party. Musical statues, pass the parcel & lots of party food!

We have enjoyed making elf donuts to put out on Christmas Eve. 

In Our Elf Workshop we have been developing lots of Physical skills: cutting wrapping paper, wrapping presents & writing tags. We have showed brilliant team work, sharing and working together. 

Whoops-A-Daisy Angel

A big Thank you to all parents and carers that brought in fabulous costumes and came to support Reception on their performance. We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year smiley

Whoops-A-Daisy Angel

Dress rehearsal - Friday 11th December

Performance 1 - Monday 14th December 9.30am

Performance 2 - Tuesday 15th December 2pm

(Please ensure that you have given your child's outfit to a member of the reception team in a labelled bag). 

On Wednesday we caught him having a snowball fight with the teddy bears!

On Tuesday we found him in The Painting Area...

On Monday we caught Buddy eating our Advent Calendar chocolates!

In the Playdough Area we have made some lovely Christmas decorations

In maths we have been learning how to estimate. We estimated how many "elf donuts" were in Buddy's bag and counted them out onto a number track.

Millie, Gracie & Anayah painted some beautiful Christmas trees with Miss Jones smiley 

In our outdoor area the children made Santa's sleigh, complete with reindeer and tinsel! Isa and Ostynn made signs for the sleigh applying their phonic knowledge. 

On Friday, we caught Buddy at the snack table eating all the cheerios (he thought they were elf donuts)! 

On Thursday, Buddy knocked the chimney over on the log cabin!

On Wednesday an elf appeared in the classroom. We listened to the story and decided to name him Buddy smiley. Throughout the week we found him in different places around the classroom...

We have had lots of fun in our new role play area: decorating the Christmas tree, making Christmas dinners and keeping warm by the log fire.

On Tuesday morning we found a log cabin in our classroom!

Whoops-A-Daisy Angel

Please bring in your child's costume in a labelled bag as soon as possible. A big well done to all the children that knew their lines for our first Nativity rehearsal on Friday, please keep practising at home.

In our Outdoor area we explored different colours using painting techniques inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock. 

In our painting area we painted the different animals from the story and labelled them using our phonic knowledge

This week we have been looking at the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear. 

We have been reading "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson in literacy this week. 

In the construction area and work shop children designed and created their own brooms. Here are Rudra, Lyle and Jaxon with their "Truly Magnificent Brooms".

Look at our fabulous writing! We drew and wrote who we would take on an adventure on the broomstick.

Our water area became a potions lab! We wrote spell books, made potions and experimented with different colours.

For Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, we created beautiful diva lamps.

We have adopted the roles of different characters from the story in our Small World area. 

In our role play area we made wands using sticks and different materials. During circle time we made wishes on how to make our school better. 

"A bigger car park!" - Isaac F.

"Glitter on the walls." - Sonia

"Flowers in the classroom." - Emily 

"A dinosaur area." - Aarav

We have had lots of fun in our castle role play this week, making potions and doing some fabulous princess writing! 

In our outdoor area Elise, Eleanor & Emily worked together to make a castle for the princess. They used their phonics to label the "Drawbridge", "Tower" and the "Princess Castle". 

In the block area we made a trap to try and catch the wizard. Logan made a drink for him, Aaquiba made some cakes for the wizard and Haider made a ladder so he could climb into the trap. 

In Literacy we read the story of The Princess & The Wizard and discovered the wizard turned people into stone!

On Monday we found a trail of glitter around the classroom which lead to a hat. Under the hat we found 3 glittery stones. We thought that they might have been left by a wizard...

A big well done to our super readers who have completed the Record Breakers Summer Reading Challenge!

Thank you to all the parents who came to Stay and Play, the children had lots of fun showing you what they have learned so far!

Eve wanted to make slime for the Haunted House, so we worked together to mix the different ingredients. We had lots of fun using our senses to explore the slime!

The children wanted to build a Haunted House in the Outdoor area. They used different pieces of equipment to create it and applied their phonic knowledge making signs and tickets. The children painted pictures of monsters and ghosts to decorate their Haunted house and created spiders webs by weaving string in and out of the structure.

We created superhero vehicles in the workshop, invented gadgets in the construction area and role played in our small world 'Gotham City".

We have been learning how to use our workshop this week and we have made some fabulous superhero masks.

In our outdoor area we turned our bikes into superhero vehicles. We applied our phonics to sound out their names and tested them in our outdoor space.

We have been very busy this week painting our favourite superheroes, vehicles and hideouts!

This week we have been learning about superheroes. We have read the book "Turbo Tortoise" in literacy and have thought about our favourite superheroes and explored these in the learning areas.

In the outdoor area, we practised our throwing and catching skills for our physical development with a coconut shy.

We made fruit baskets just like Handa's and tested them with different fruits.

We developed a juicing station with lemon squeezers, scales and tweezers for removing pips!

We did some observational drawings of fruits using pastels.

In our painting area we looked at the animals from the story. We made careful observations of the similarities and differences between them and painted our favourite.

We investigated floating and sinking with different fruits

Our WOW on entry was making cocktails using the different fruits from the story

To link to our focus on All about me and Health and self-care we looked at the book "Handa's Surprise"

This week we painted large wheels and decorated our fantastic ambulance! The paramedics were so busy building hospital beds for the patients.

Our topic this week was birthdays! In maths we made wrapping paper using shape stampers to wrap presents, which we weighed with the scales. Then we decorated biscuits to develop our counting and measuring skills. We played pass the parcel and musical chairs for our number recognition.

We worked really hard to develop our writing skills making birthday lists, invitations, birthday cards and banners. We also made party hats in the workshop and birthday cakes in the playdough.

At the end of the week we were ready to celebrate at our amazing party for Miss Hartley's, Eve's and Zac's birthdays! We had cakes from the school's Macmillan coffee morning and did some food tasting with healthy snacks.

We have been very busy in our ambulance role play area this week adopting the roles of paramedics and patients.

We went on a shape hunt around our environment and found 2D & 3D shapes!

In the snack area we painted pictures on our toast and then ate it!

This week we have been reaching for the stars! When the children show the learning skills that we are looking for they can move their face to the matching planet.

We made minion puppets to practice our cutting skills.

We used charcoal to do some fabulous self-portraits!

Our first topic is "All About Me". We took photos of ourselves and shared what is special about us with our new class mates.

We have been learning how to use the different areas in our classroom.

Memories from Nursery...

Stay and play. We had lots of fun enjoying circus themed activities.

Kian's Dad is an Optictian. He visited us today along with his collegue. They told us all about what happens when you go to the optictians. We had lots of fun.

Busy in Continuous Provision.

Having fun during outdoor play.

Practicing our Gross Motor skills.

Welcome to our Opticians. We have had lots of fun testing each others eyes and trying on lots of different glasses.

We have been learning about people who help us. Emilys Mummy came in to tell us all about her job as a Police Lady.

Busy making a train in the duplo.

Fun in the Cakery Bakery.

Sophia's 4th birthday. We all enjoyed the lovely cupcakes.

We have ended our half term with lot's of Easter fun. All the children have been involved in lots of Easter activities. Thankyou to all the the parents who joined us. We've ended our week with an Easter party. Have a lovely Easter everyone.

Abby and Elise celebrate getting their medal at dancing. They show us their dance we are all very proud. Well done girls.