We Love Reading!

We are really trying to harness and develop a love of reading here at Holden Clough. We ensure that children are introduced to a wide range of rich quality texts whether that is fiction, non-fiction or poetry and we are committed to improving the outcomes of reading Mr Porter - Assistant Head, Year 6 Teacher & English Lead.

In December 2020, we restocked our KS2 library with over 300 new books, all very kindly obtained through donations! It's wonderful to see such a variety of texts and so excited to see what the pupils make of them! We hope it will inspire them to pick up a book to read for the enjoyment of it.

We're delighted with the look of our new KS2 library. It's complete and ready to be used to its full potential!


Creating a rich reading environment and encouraging reading for pleasure is very important to us and in the curriculum we promote in school. With this in mind, we have gone beyond the school library by incorporating reading into our entrance hall too.



Holden Clough recieved some positive encouragement on Twitter from Marcus Rashford, MBE, English professional footballer and philanthropist. Thank you so much for your support! 

Love this @CloughPrimary that’s a great little space 👏🏾📚 https://t.co/Xp4jxtBW2E

— Marcus Rashford MBE (@MarcusRashford) January 25, 2021


To help create a positive reading culture in our school, we will be rewarding children who actively engage with reading by entering them into a weekly draw. The winner will be awarded a token to get a book of their choice from the vending machine below!

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