Reading in The Community

Reading in the Community

Our school community is very important to us at Holden Clough and we feel it very important to invest in the community we have around us. We have found that reading can be used as a vehicle to unite and connect others in our area. We have taken part in many reading projects in all parts of the community ranging from visits to our local library to visits to our local nursing home. These visits have become so successful that they have expanded beyond reading and onto many other avenues such as charity fundraising events and community celebrations. 


Hurst Hall Care Home

We have recently formed links with Hurst Hall Care Home whereby we have conducted class visits to see the residents at home. Our visits have always centered around reading whether it was reading recent written work from the pupils or reading themed books to the resistents.  These visits have been curtailed due to the recent pandemic but we are keen to continue once restrictions have been eased.  We most recently sent Easter cards to each resident at the home, whilst below are pictures from our latest visit just prior to the first lockdown last year; on this occasion Y6 pupils share some of their most recent narrative work with residents.


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