100 years ago the great war ended. Lest we forget ...  

Diwali was celebrated and talked about throughout the school.

We celebrated Diwali listening to some interesting facts from several of our children. Mr Patel from the local temple visited, telling us the story of Rama and Sita. He reminded us that by doing the right things, caring for others and being the best person we can be our internal light will shine brightly just as it did for Rama and Sita.

A lovely 'Thank-you' from the Booth Cenre for all our efforts. Thank-you again for all your contributions.

October 2018 Thank-you to all who donated to make up our wonderful Harvest display. This year again Vicar Liz Devall from our local church St Johns came to talk to us about 'Harvest'. She was delighted with our efforts and took them to the Booth Centre in Manchester.

Nursery celebrated Diwali! We heard the Rama & Sita story, coloured in pictures and tried some dancing. It was a lot of fun.

The whole school enjoyed an assembly led by our key stage two children and the local Hindu priest. They told us what they do at home during Diwali. They looked wonderful as the showed us their festival clothes.

The Reverend Liz Devell helped us to start 'Advent' in school.Advent is a Latin word that actually means “coming.” In the Christian church, advent is time of preparation and waiting for the birth of Jesus. Advent officially begins four Sundays before Christmas, which means it often begins the first Sunday in December.

As a school we wore Christmas jumpers and made donations to a local charity.

We learned and celebrated Chinese New year. We now know each year is named after an animal and loved the story of how the order was decided.

Yr 2 used drama to act out the emotions of the characters from the story 'The Lost Sheep'. They were Brilliant!

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