LPPA - Leading Parent Partnership Award

Dear parents and carers, 

We are proud to announce that we have achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) on Tuesday, 26th January 2021.  

This nationally recognised award highlights schools who engage and work with parents, which in turn helps improve the learning experience for children. 

The LPPA award is awarded after a thorough assessment of the school’s work and systems so we are delighted to be recognised as a leading school. The assessor, who met with a range of staff and spoke with parents and children, was highly impressed with Holden Clough. He noted that the school leaders have clear vision, they are reflective and parental partnership is an integral part of the school life. He stated that our genuine enthusiasm when working with parents was recognised when he spoke with a number of school staff about their work with parents on our verification day.

A huge thank you to Miss Hartley who coordinated the work and put our application together. 

Thank you to all of the parents who gave up their time to speak with the assessor and to the children and staff who spoke with such enthusiasm about their school. 

We will continue to work closely with parents and other school partners to ensure we keep striving for even more effective parent partnership. 

Our LPPA verification report is available on our school website. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Mr Kordemir


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