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Our Nursery Environment

Our first few days in nursery.

On Wednesday someone left us a fish.

Our first few weeks have been very busy ...

Learning to 'read' our books.
Learning to share our outside equipment.
Making new friends.
Having lots of fun!
Practicing writing our name.
We decided to name him Charlie.

Who did these brand new shoes belong to? Who did the dog equipment belong to?

It was Lulu! Hello Lulu.

Wk 4. This week we have done lots of learning inside and outside of our classroom.

Having fun!

We've beeen singing Iincy Wincy Spider. We have made Spiders.

Wk 5 On Monday we got a note from Charlie. He said he'd gone on holiday. Later that day we received a postcard from Charlie to telll us he was having fun in the ocean with all his cousins. On Tuesday we found lots of presents in the Nursery. The postman brought Charlie a present. We opoened it. It was fish food. We decided to have a party for Charlie. We hope he comes back soon.

A delivery from the postman for Charlie
Charlies birthday card from the Nursery.
Lois's finished party hat!
On Monday we had a very wet start to the day. We learned how to put on our waterproof trousers coats and completed the look with our wellington boots! We had lots of fun finding the biggest and smallest puddles to jump in.

Morning of getting wet and loving it!

On Friday Charlie had returned. The children were encouraged to ask him lots of questions about his holiday and needed to tell him about everything he had missed in Nursery during the week.

Charlie came back for his party!

We had a lovely party. We played musical statues and had a dance to our favourite music. Charlie liked this part the best. Then we sat down and ate our lovely party food. We had cheese and jam sandwiches, crisps a biscuit all followed by a refreshing drink of orange juice.

Our party!

Owl Babies

This term our overall topic is 'Night and Day'. We started our week looking at the story the Owl Babies. The children to act out the story as well as learned about other nocturnal animals.
Outside we build different obstacle courses. It was great fun climbing up and down the different heights.
On Thursday we all looked forward to Bonfire night. We talked about being safe. Here is some of our amazing work:

Firework Pictures.

Crispy cakes & firework sprinkles.

Firework printing.

and for snack, firework chocolate fingers!

We started our second week back on a very wet Monday!

Look at our wonderful class displays ..

Another wet Monday!

We have been sorting hot and cold clothes in our different family groups. Poppy and Lennon modelled them after we had sorted them.

We even have a beach in our classroom!

Clothes sorting & our beach!

Our outside colour area

Making Diwali story masks & colouring rangoli patterns.

Our salt dough Diva lights.

We made Rangoli patterns using sticks and branches!

Our wonderful Children in Need cat walk show! Thank you for your support.

We went on a leaf hunt walk, it was very muddy.

We used leaves and other natural objects for our related pieces of work.

We made our own 'Leaf Man' picture inspired after reading the book 'Leaf Man'.

After reading 'Peace at Last' we designed our own duvets for Mr Bear.

We learned how to butter toast in case Mr Bear wanted any the following morning, it tasted yummy!

On Tuesday we found mysterious footprints in our classroom. We didnt know who had made them.

Was it a dog? A fox or the Big Bad Wolf? We looked around our classroom and outside.

We thought it could be the 'Gruffalo' a strange frightening friend of the Mouse. We found a tooth and some a letter.

The children thought the Gruffalo was sad so made presents, wrote letters and made paintings to cheer him up.

On Tuesday night fruit, crackers and a drink of milk were left.

When we came in on Wednesday the Gruffalo had eaten and drunk our snack. He made a bit of a mess but left a lovely thank-you note.

We completed 'Gruffalo' maths

We made our own Gruffalo out of play dough

Using the interactive white board we drew our own Gruffalo's.

In small groups we recreated the story using objects as a story map, what fun!

.. and we even descovered our very own class gruffalo!

It has been National Road Safety week. In class we concentrated on 'being seen' we learned a 'stop, look, listen' rap and other web based work.

It's December ...

Our winter area and small world snow scape.

We have been busy choosing and writing our Christmas wish list for Father Christmas.

Miss Beryl brought in a very special gift for our class ...

We received a very special parcel from Father Christmas.

It had a very special letter inside ...

so we quickly gave our little girl elf a name. We chose Sprinkle.

but the following day, Sprinkle was not in her box. She had been up to mischief in the night, she had taken all the decorations off our tree and left a big mess in our lego area too!

Sprinkle had made a Christmas tree, some children made their own.

We drew Christmas trees on the interactive white board.

We made play dough antlers for the reindeers.

We have had a very busy penultimate week, getting on with ... our nativity practice.

Sprinkle the Elf challenged us to make play dough snowflakes.

Making an elf den for Sprinkle.

In our last week we fitted in lots more Christmas activities. Here we drew Christmas trees in chalk and then brushed them away. It was tough going.

Sprinkle challenged us to a tower tumble!

We finished our fabulous calenders, cards and decorations ...

and finished with our wonderful Nativity. Happy New Year to everyone!

Happy New Year! Welcome back! We hope you had an enjoyable break.


This week has been as busy as ever ...

On Tuesday we found an awful mess, but who had made it?

We soon found out it was the'Gingerbread Man'!

and even built a 'Gingerbread Man' house!

We drew the Gingerbread man on the interactive white board.

We made play dough gingerbread men for our cafe.

We built a flying car for the gingerbread man so he could get away faster!

We brushed the grit into the ice. The ice melted.

We have done some 'gingerbread man' maths. we chose a number then decorated the house with that amount of pom poms.

This week we read 'Oliver's Milkshake'. He turned our water white!

We could make our own milkshake.

We wrote our own shopping lists

We investigated Asian spices and foods.

Outside we investigated shadows and made a crate obstacle course.

When it rained we made our own rain pictures.

We finished our week by cutting up strawberries and bananas and making our very own milkshakes!

This week we read the book 'Oliver's Vegetables', here are some of the activities we tried. We looked at a very funny vegetable fresh from Miss Corlett's garden!

We were bought lots of vegetables to try, just like Oliver got to do with his Grandad. We had peas, broccoli, three types of peppers, corn, courgettes and cherry tomatoes!

We even tried making our own vegetables out of playdough!

Inspired by the wild wind we did some straw blowing paintings. The colours that blended together were beautiful.

This week we read 'Oliver's Fruit salad'. So we made our own kebabs. First we cut our fruit then threaded it onto squews. These tasted lovely.

We looked closely at a pineapple. We did some amazing observational drawings.

We had a 'Spanish Day', Mrs Diaz our school Spanish language teacher came to visit us.

We learned to count and say 'hello' and 'goodbye'.

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We coloured in Flags using a giant flag Mrs Diaz brought in.

We made fans by folding them and decorating them. They kept us nice and cool.

We made our very own 'special' sangria drink. We peeled and cut up fruit then added this to our current juice and lemonade, very refreshing.

We all tried an olive too!

To finish our week we read 'The Giant Watermelon'. There were all sorts of characters that we knew in this version. We got to taste three different types of watermelons.