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Welcome to our Nursery page where you can find out about all of the fun and exciting experiences children have at Holden Clough Nursery.  The children in Nursery have the opportunity to develop and learn in indoor and outdoor environments that ignite interest and a love of learning. 


The teaching staff in Nursery are, Mrs Trucca (Nursery Teacher) and Mrs Mason-Steels(Teaching Assistant).  We look forward to meeting; parents/carers, family members, childminders and local nursery staff on a daily basis as you settle children into activities at the start of the nursery day.   We want everyone to feel welcome.  Our aim on a daily basis is for children to enjoy every day at Nursery and feel that they have had the best day ever!

Mathematical Development.

Using food is a great way to develop young children's understanding about maths as it provides a meaningful context to learn about counting objects.  At snack time the children are taught to count the fruit they eat. For example, if children choose a tangerine they are taught to point at each segment with their finger and count. Counting each piece of fruit helps young children to develop their understanding of 1 to 1 correspondence which is a key skill to develop.  In addition, to support children's understanding of mathematical language teaching staff will encourage children to; add one more, or, take 1 away, think about ,how many have you got and if I take 1 away, how many have you got left?


Snacktime helps to develop children's understanding about calculations such as, addition and subtraction.









Physical Development. Bikeability weekly sessions.

Forest School

Our Learning Journey. Me and my family

Owl Babies

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Holden Clough will remain closed to Nursery, Reception Y1 and Y6 children except those of key workers until at least Monday 22nd June