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Miss Knowles' Class

Summer 1

Our class butterflies

This term our classroom has been home to 5 wriggly caterpillars. We have been watching them grow in size, change into chrysalis and finally hatch into beautiful butterflies. We wanted to share our pictures with you so you can see the journey they have been on too!

Clay fish paperweights

For our D&T week challenge we have made clay fish paperweights. Keep an eye out for them on sale at the school summer fair in July.

Who's poo is it?

Last night Mrs Beryl found three humongous poos in our school grounds! She was very shocked and asked year one if they could find out who the culprits were as we have been looking at herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Mrs Beryl told us about three animals she has seen lurking near our school; a fox, a badger and a sheep.We then investigated the poos to see what the animals had been eating and to see which poo belonged to which animal! We had lots of fun being poo detectives!


This week we have been practicing creating equal groups and writing different methods of multiplication. 

Wild Science

Today 'Wild Science' came to visit and brought some really cool animals with them. We met Severus Snake the cornsnake, Flick the leopard gecko, Millie the giant African millipede, Tilly the Mexican red kneed tarantula and Danny the guinea pig. We had to be careful to not use our loud voices so we didn't scare any of the animals but we were all very brave and stoked all the the animals we met! 

Exclamation and Question sentences

To finish off our recount writing on Park Bridge we have been practicing writing exclamation and question sentences! Come into class soon to see our excellent recounts!

Animals and their habitats

As part of our topic work we have been looking at where animals live and why. In our Kagan groups we sorted animals into their habitats and looked at the reasons why these animals choose to live where they do. 



Still image for this video


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Still image for this video

Today we have been thinking about our trip to Park Bridge. We have been writing questions and carrying out interviews to find out information from our partners about their opinions on the trip

Class trip to Park Bridge

Here are a few snaps from our trip to Park Bridge. We had a fantastic day making clay creatures, bug hunting and pond dipping... and of course eating lunch! We hope you have as much fun looking at our photographs as we did participating in them! Thank you to all the parent helpers who came with us and supported us on such a fantastic day! 

Human Body Parts

Today we have been looking at human body parts. We worked in our Kagan groups to label parts of the body we know. Each member of the group had a role to play. We had writers, stickers and models. As you can see we had lots of fun!

Finding equal groups

Today we have been working in pairs to investigate finding equal groups. We have found it quite tricky but persevered until we found the answers!

Sorting Animals

As part of our topic work we have been comparing familiar animals. We have worked in our Kagan groups to look at their features and organise them into groups.

Jungle Artwork

We have been studying some jungle themed pictures with Ms Cull and produced some of our own artwork based on what we could see.

Elephant Adventures

Today we have been looking at small worlds and thinking about where our animals in might take Ben in our stories. We came up with some super ideas that you'll be able to read in our stories very soon!

Wild or Domestic?

To start off our new topic we have been looking at whether animals are wild or domestic. We worked in Kagan groups to sort animals in to each group.

Elephant Acting

We have been reading the story 'My Elephant' by Petr Horacek and developing our inference skills. In the story the little boy goes on an adventure with his elephant and meets some tigers. We worked in groups and used drama to perform what we thought would happen next in the story. 

Spring 2

Sneaky Peak 

Here is a sneaky peak of this years Mother's Day cards heart

Toys from the past

Today we have been investigating toys from the past. We have been thinking about what the toys are/might do and who might play with them boys, girls or both.

Not this shell!

Today we looked at alternative shells for our slug characters, though we didn't find anything as fabulous as our doughnut shells!

Making Doughnut shells

After finding out it was Norman the slug who broke into our classroom, looking for a new shell, we decided we would try making some of our own silly slug characters with amazing doughnut shells.

Who's been in our classroom?

Today we came back to school to find that someone has broken in to our classroom! We looked at the clues they had left and made predictions about who we thought it might be!

World Book Day

A little late due to the snow but we had a fantastic World Book Day nonetheless! Here we are in our amazing Julia Donaldson themed outfits. We've read stories, written snail poems (Snail and the Whale) and created our own magic wands (Room on the Broom). Thank you everyone for helping the children with there fantastic outfits.

Spring 1

Have a fantastic half term holiday everyone! See you back in school on Tuesday 27th February!

Measuring in non-standard units


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This week we have been looking at measuring length in non-standard units. We worked in pairs and practised measuring different objects around our classroom with cubes. We recorded our findings on whiteboards and discussed which were the longest and shortest objects we found. We also looked at how we would measure larger objects using our hands and feet. We discussed with our partners which body part we thought would be the best to use and explained why.

Winter Art Work

Today we created some beautiful winter art work using coloured paper and watercolour paints. First we needed to creat our winter backgrounds so we thought about what colours made us think of the cold. We chose light blue, dark blue purple and white. Next we used watercolour paints to create circles and swirls that we blended together to look like the wind. Whilst our water colours dried we cut out strips of coloured sugar paper to create the bare branches of a tree shillouette. When our back grounds were dry we arranged our pieces and stuck them down. Finally we used white poster paint to add in falling snow. We think they look beautiful and we are sure you will agree! 

Number Day

On Friday 2nd February we had a number day at school to help raise money for the NSPCC. To celebrate number day we went on a number hunt around our school searching for single and two digit numbers. We then chose one of the numbers we found and created number posters.

Meerkat poetry


Still image for this video
Today we wrote a class poem about meerkats. In pairs we each wrote a sentence using information we have found out about these adorable creatures and we then put them together to create our poem! We hope you enjoy listening to it 😊


This term we have been practising our balances, rolls and jumps with Ms Corlette. Today we looked at putting these features into a routine and performing them to our partners.

Hot and cold climates

Clothes we would need for Jamaica

Clothes we would need for Greenland

During our topic lessons we have been looking at the different types of weather you would find in hot and cold climates. This made us think about the types clothes we might need if we visited these climates. We decided to use an app called pic collage to create some information posters to help people travelling to a hot or cold climate.


Today we have been working in pairs to practise our subtraction skills. We took it in turns to roll a dice and use numberlines to help us find out what number square we needed to move our counters to.

Manchester City Trophies

Today Manchester City brought some of their amazing trophies to Holden Clough. We had chance to ask questions about the trophies and find out about their history.

Parkour at Holden Clough


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On 16th January Mr porter arranged for some Parkour specialists to come into school and teach us how to negotiate obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. We has a fantastic time and were very tired at the end.


Today we have been practising solving additions using 10 frames and cubes

Autumn 2

Making Christmas Cards

Buddy the Elf - 11th December

Today Buddy has been playing in our role play area.

Buddy the Elf - 8th December

Buddy has been 'improving' our writing! He clearly loves mince pies!

Buddy the Elf - 7th December

Buddy has been writing naughty words and drawing silly faces on our bananas!

Buddy the Elf - 6th December

Last night Buddy crept into the staff room and stole a box of mince pies and he ate them all up! The greedy elf!

Our Class Assembly

Mrs Qureshi and I would like to say a HUGE well done to all the children today for there fantastic class assembly, They have worked so hard and should be really proud of their performance. We would also like to say thank you to all the parents and carers who have helped children learn their lines and came to watch the show! We think you'll agree they did an amazing job!

Buddy the Elf - 5th December

Today Buddy arrived with a letter from Santa! He wanted to know what what we wanted for Christmas, so in our literacy lesson we wrote letters back using adjectives and the conjunction because.

Buddy the Elf - 4th December

Today Buddy arrived with a 'Santa Cam'!

Buddy the Elf - 1st December

Today we’ve had a very special guest arrive in our classroom! Buddy the elf has come on a special mission from Santa... he’s got to find out who’s on the good list! Keep and eye out to see what Buddy gets up to! 

Retelling 'How to Catch a Star'


Still image for this video
This week we have been writing our own version of the Oliver Jeffers story 'How to Catch a Star'. To help us remember the sequence of the story we have been practising Talk 4 writing. We can wait to show you our amazing stories! 

Visiting the science dome

The WOW moment for our topic this term has been visiting a science dome this week. Inside it was very dark but we saw lots of amazing things! We saw how the sun rises in the east and sets in the west which then allowed lots of beautiful stars to appear. We found out that groups of stars are constellations and make up different pictures in the sky. We were very lucky and managed to see a collection of shooting stars zoom across the sky! Finally we boarded a rocket and flew to the moon. We found out that that moon has huge craters created by space rocks banging in to it and that it also has mountains!

Creating planet artwork with Mrs Cull

On Wednesday Mrs Cull came to our class to help us create some comic art work. In order to create the finished product we had to use three different mediums; marbling inks, chalks and paints. We have never used marbling inks before and were amazed how each planet looked completely different each planet looked. Check out the pictures below to see us completing each stage of our pictures before finally putting each element together to create our final product.
Using chalks to create our space backgrounds.
Using marbling inks to create the planet Earth.
Using paints to print craters on the moon.
The finished product! We think you'll agree that they look pretty space-ial!

'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers

This week we have been reading the story 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers. We loved this story and agreed that it would be really exciting to catch our own star. Next week we are going create our own books based on this story so to help us remember the sequence of the story we have been creating freeze frames of different parts of the story. See if you can guess what we are pretending to be!

Hot and cold planets artwork

We have been thinking about the planets that are in space and why some are hot and some are cold. We found out that some planets are hot because they are close to the sun, these are; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. We also know that some are cold because an asteroid belt stops the suns heat getting to them, these are; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Because we have never seen these planets we started to think about what they might look like. In groups we discussed what colours we might see on each planet. We decided that on hot planets, like Mercury or Mars, we might see colours like red, yellow or orange and on cold planets, like Uranus or Neptune, we could see colours like blue, grey, purple or white. We used pastels to create a picture of what we thought these planets might look like. We had to try and blend the colours together to make swirly patterns. It was very messy but lots of fun!

Investigating gravity

As part of our new topic 'Why do we want to visit space?' we have been thinking about why astronauts float in space. We found out that it is because space doesn't have a force called gravity. Gravity pulls objects down to the ground. We wanted to find out if all objects fell at the same speed or if some would fall slowly and others quickly. We tested different objects in our classroom by dropping them at the same time. We noticed that heavy objects fell quickly and light objects fell slowly.

Practicing subtraction with number lines

We have been using number lines to help us solve subtraction problems. First we need to put our finger on the biggest number in the number sentence and then jump backwards down the number line the amount we are taking away! 

Autumn 1

Sorry I'm not in to share the last day with you all but I hope you all had a fantastic time at the Halloween disco last night! I can wait to see all the writing you have done about your costumes! Have a wonderful half term everyone and I will see you back in school on Monday 6th November!

Miss Knowles smiley

Art Week

As part of Art Week we had to recreate an illustration from a book we have read in class. We decided to link our art work to our autumn topic and re-style an illustration from Stick Man. First we used pencils of different thicknesses to sketch a picture from the story of Stick Man jogging. Next we discussed what colours we would find in the autumn time and decided on reds, yellows, browns and oranges. We then used Water colour paints to blend together colours for our back grounds. Finally we collected some autumn leaves and stuck them to the bottom of the picture to create the illusion of Stick Man running though an autumn scene. We had lots of fun and enjoyed developing our artistic skills.
Blending our autumn backgrounds.
Attaching our autumn leaves

Making our own Stick Man

This week we have been studying the story of Stick Man by Julia Donaldson so in our creative area we decided to make our own Stick Man to retell the story with. We have used lots of different materials to join our Stick Men together, such as: ribbons, tape, pipe cleaners and feathers. We think you'll agree that they look fantastic!

Practicing our addition skills

Floating Flowers Experiment

Today we conducted the floating flower experiment. After testing waterproof materials we found out that paper wasn't waterproof so when Miss Knowles asked us what would happen to a paper flower when we placed it in water we were very confident we knew the answer! Some of us said that the paper would float and some of us said it would soak up the water. This is what happened...


Still image for this video
We made our own paper flowers and tested them to see if we had the same reaction!

Magnetic Materials

We have been investigating magnetic materials. We hunted around our classroom to find objects that bar magnets were attracted to and no attracted to. We found out that objects made from metal were magnetic and objects that weren't metal, like plastic or glass, were not magnetic.

Materials and Friction

Today we have been testing materials and friction. We needed to find out which was the best material to make a ramp for our teddies and their sleds. We tested foam, sandpaper, felt, Lino and carpet. We found out that the materials that were smooth had less friction made the sled slide quickly and the bumpy materials had more friction and made the sled slide slowly.

Traction Man's Adventures

As a thank you for helping to capture the Big Bad Wolf, Ashton Police Force sent us a story called 'Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog'. We have been looking at the story and writing speech bubbles for what we think the characters might say. In our construction area we have been thinking about where Traction Man might be going to on his climb up the mountain, here are some of the places we made.

A break in happens!!

We came back from break to a nasty surprise... the Big Bad Wolf had broken into our classroom! What a mess he left! We took photographs for evidence to send to our police friends! 

A letter from the police! 

Letter from Ashton Police Force

Today we received a letter from Ashton Police Force explaining that they were keeping a look out for the Big Bad Wolf. We decided to help by making wanted posters to explain what he looks like. Keep a look out he's hiding near our school!

Searching for clues

Over the weekend Miss Corrigan was filming the woods, to show year one all the beautiful trees, when suddenly the Big Bad Wolf appeared! We were so shocked we had to search our woods for clues to find out what he had been doing there! 

Finding one more and one less

We have been working in partners to find one more and one less of different numbers. We loved challenging our partners!

Building Stick Houses

Some of us have been building stick houses in our forest area. We worked in teams and had to see if we  could make our houses super strong. We tested them by huffing and puffing just like the Big Bad Wolf!

Sorting Materials

Today some have us have been sorting materials into different groups. We were given a basket full of different objects and had to decide with our partners which groups to sort them into. Can you guess what our groups were?


We have been painting self portraits to display in our class room. We used mirrors to help us think about the features we needed to draw and what colours we should use

Continuous Provision

Investigating our new areas


Construction: making houses for the three little pigs

Maths: making numbers to 20 in different ways

Investigating Materials

We have investigated the different materials objects are made from as part of our new topic. Can you name any materials objects are made from at home?

Our first day in Year 1!

Today was our first day in Year 1! We did some writing with Miss Knowles and told her about something we liked and what we wanted to be when we grow up! When we had finished we had time to explore our fabulous continuous provision areas! What a fantastic day we had!

Our Classroom

Reading Area
Three Little Pigs Role Play Area
Construction Area
Writing Area
Maths Area
Fidget Fingers for fine motor skills
Phonics Area
Craft Area supplies
Colour Mixing Station
Parents notice board
DO NOT send your child into school if they have any ONE of the following symptoms: (1) A HIGH TEMPERATURE (this mean they feel hot to the touch on their back or chest) - (2) A NEW, CONTINUOUS COUGH (this means coughing a lot, for more than one hour, or 3 or more coughing episode within 24 hours) - (3) A LOSS OR CHANGE TO SENSE OF SMELL OR TASTE (this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal)