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Miss Knowles’ class

Welcome to 1TK's class page, take a look at all of our amazing learning from this year!

Summer 1

Spring 2

Week 6

Spring 1

Chinese Ribbon Dancing

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investigating small worlds for story writing

Meerkat Mail Wow

Autumn 1

Week 7
In continuous provision this week we have been; painting our ostrich eggs, creating Harvest shopping lists and building combined harvesters
To continue our work on Black History month we learnt about Ruby Bridges and why she was different to her classmates. We know that our differences make us special and thought about the differences we have in our class. We created jigsaw puzzle pieces to celebrate our differences.

As part of our learning on Black ​​​​​​History month we became information detectives locating information on Nelson Mandela

This week we have been comparing additions using the > greater than and < less than symbols. We have been practicing using different resources to help us solve problems.
Week 6
In continuous provision this week we have been; completing place value activities on Mathletics, creating paper mache ostrich eggs, writing instructions on how to make an ostrich egg and designing an obstacle course for an ostrich.
In RE we have been investigating and identifying the similarities and differences between Christian and Muslim artifacts with Miss Woodward.
In dance this week we have been investigating animal movements. In our Kagan groups we listened to some African music and then created a sequence of movements to the beats.
In science this week we have been sorting and identifying common UK leaves.
We have used ipads in geography this week to locate the 4 capital cities of the UK and identify if they are mainland or coastal cities.
In maths we have been using the part whole model to create inverse addition number sentences.
Week 5
In continuous provision this week we have been; designing our own patchwork giraffes, writing our stories about Elmer meeting a giraffe, inventing a way to help a giraffe drink more easily and investigating the part whole model.
We have been practicing blending colours in art this week with Mrs Berry
We have been on a walk of our local area and identified the human and physical features we could see. Before we left we thought of some geographical questions we wanted to find the answers to.
Week 4
In continuous provision this week we have been; making elephant masks, designing and building a way to transport an elephant, logging on to mathletics independently and re-writing the story of Handa's surprise.
Continuing our work identifying long and short notes with Mrs Green
In science we have been identifying animals and their babies.
Week 3
​​​​​​In continuous provision this week we have been; designing and building villages for Handa and Akeo, creating repeating patterns using Handa's fruit, making thank you cards for Handa and finding 1 more/less of numbers to 10.
Making African inspired necklaces in art with Mrs Berry
Learning about longh and short notes in music with Mrs Green
In science we have been learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.
We have been finding 1 more/less in our maths lessons.
We have been tasting fruit from Handa's basket and writing descriptions in literacy this week.
Week 2
In continuous provision this week we have been; building superhero/villain hideouts, making superhero masks and finding 1 more and 1 less of a number to 10
Learning about beats and rhythms in music with Mrs Green
African tribal dancing with our Dan tribe masks
Painting Dan Tribe masks for our Africa day!
Learning about human body parts in science

Week 1

Having fun in our new continuous provision areas!
We've been team building in our Kagan groups.
Holden Clough will remain closed to Nursery, Reception Y1 and Y6 children except those of key workers until at least Monday 22nd June