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Keep Children Safe During Covid-19

As a modern child of a technological age you are likely to be as good as, if not better than, your parents at using the internet.

However, as children you are still likely to face the same risks as your parents. For example, spam and scam e-mails, fraud and identify theft. As well as this there are more immediate threats such as inappropriate websites, cyber bullying and exposure to inappropriate images.

The internet, however, is an indispensable tool to widen your learning and improve valuable life skills.

This page will provide key information on how to stay safe whilst you are online and will provide links to websites that will help you do this.


The following pages provide excellent information and resources to help you learn about e-safety:


Keeping children happy and safe online during COVID-19


Think U Know logo

Think You Know for Y1 – Y2


Think You Know for Y3 – Y6





Childnet International



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Holden Clough will remain closed to Nursery, Reception Y1 and Y6 children except those of key workers until at least Monday 22nd June