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Behaviour at Holden Clough

Holden Clough Primary School's Behaviour Policy

Holden Clough Primary School's Code of Conduct

We have a House Point System in school to reflect Our Vision and Values and Learning Behaviours. 


We celebrate good behaviour and attitudes to learning by rewarding children with House Points. All staff are involved in this, including Lunchtime Organisers.

The four houses are

Team captains



Staff lead

Staff Lead

TA Lead

Millie Simister 



Miss Crofts

Miss  Knowles

Miss Binmore

Joe Robinson



Miss Jarman

Miss Boult

Mrs Qureshi

Ella Barratt



Mr Porter

Miss Corrigan

Mrs Woodward/ Mrs Chauhan

Ethan Sykes



Miss Hendry

Miss Lynch

Miss Berry

Weekly reward

Each week the Team captains will collect the team points from each house and the overall winner for the week will be presented with a trophy in the Friday Assembly.


Half termly reward

Each Half term the points will be added from all the weeks to give an overall total. This house will have a reward on the last day of each half term with the staff lead and team Captains. The staff lead and captains can decide the reward.

Examples of rewards: Extra play, picnic, film afternoon, games afternoon 

Annual reward

The overall house for the whole year will be rewarded with something extra special

Examples: vote own reward 

 House points given

Any member of staff can give a house point for learning behaviours, following our code of conduct and vision and values etc.

Marked in books as 1 HP

A sticker can represent a house point 



Is your child eligible for Free School Meals/Pupil Premium? Parents and Carers can now check online. Further information and the link is available in 'School Meals' which you will find under the 'Parents' tab on our website. NURSERY PLACES AVAILABLE - Mon - Fri from 8.45am until 11.45am. Please contact the school office for more information.