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Autumn 2


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Autumn 2 2018



In the second Autumn term, we will be learning lots about the past with a special focus on World War 2 and what life was like in the past, compared to what it is like now.

Our Portland Basin museum trip...

We met an Air Raid Patroller
He showed us what people's jobs were like.
We found out how children had fun.
We found out about the local area.
Here we organised dates on a timeline.
An old living room from the early 1900s.
Children in the war...
How they washed clothes a long time ago!
Victorian classroom rules!
We made sugar butties!
We found out how the canal boats were used.

Pudsey came to visit us to tell us about Children in Need!



In literacy this half term, we will begin with a poetry unit which focuses on Remembrance Day. We'll be looking at rhyming patterns and couplets and what makes a good performance. Hopefully, we will be able to perform in the Remembrance Assembly. We will then be learning how to write a recount based on our planned trip to Portland Basin. Our book of inspiration this term will be 'Penguins Can't Fly'. From this book, we will utilise our recount skills, writing a recount from the perspective of the Penguin before innovating the story to write our own making links with animals and habitats in science. 


This term we will focus on addition and subtracting looking closely at adding 2 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers. We will also be developing our use and application of number bonds and our understanding of commutativity within addition and subtraction. Some of the methods we will use are...



Happy Mind

After learning lots about the brain last half term, we will now be moving onto the next module entitled celebrate.

This module is intended to introduce:

• What the different types of character strengths are

• How children can learn to spot different strengths in themselves and others

• Which character strengths the children identify with

In this context, character strengths refer to those character traits that make us unique. We all have different characters and this is something to celebrate! This is not about what we are ‘good’ at e.g. football or maths, it is about who we are 


Our history topic this term focuses around World War 2 and will cover:

  • investigating and interpreting the past
    • observe and handle evidence to ask questions and find out about the past focusing on World War 2
    • identify some ways the past can be represented
  • building my knowledge of world history
    • describe some historical events focusing on World War 2
    • describe significant people from the past focusing on Guy Fawkes, Adolf Hitler and Anne Frank
  • developing my understanding of chronology
    • place events and artefacts in order on a timeline
    • label time lines with words or phrases like past, present, old, new and use dates where appropriate
  • beginning to communicate historically
    • using words and phrases like a long time ago, recently, when my mum was younger, years, decades and centuries to describe passing of time


Science will focus on how people survived on food rations in World War 2 and we will investigate how hard it can be to grow your own food!


We will be creating a piece of Art work based on World War 2 which continues to develop and master the skills we have learnt so far this year:

  • show pattern and texture through use of dots, lines and blends
  • use thick and thin brushes
  • use a combination of materials that are cut, torn and glued
  • use objects to create prints

Children will also be developing the speaking and listening skills through our nativity play which will be performed in December. 








Holden Clough will remain closed to Nursery, Reception Y1 and Y6 children except those of key workers until at least Monday 22nd June