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Autumn 2

Making snowmen.

In DT we looked at how to join different materials. We used play-doh, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and buttons to make snowmen. We will be writing instructions to show others how to make them.

Christmas fair DT week

As part of DT week, we discussed working hygienically and created hot chocolate and marshmallow reindeers. We discussed the cost of the materials, worked out the total cost to make each item and the looked at the profit that we would make as a class if all of the items were purchased.

RE learning.

In RE we have been looking at celebrations. We used drama to role play various celebrations.

Dancing like penguins.

We have been learning to move like penguins and applied that to create Antarctica dances.


We started our Spanish lessons yesterday. Mrs Diaz will be working with the class this half term, teaching the children all about Spain and simple greetings and phrases.

This week the class looked at where Spain is, some cities in Spain, how to say yes, no, hello, goodbye and thankyou.
We started the half term by becoming detectives. We explored the school, finding clues to eventually find our Autumn 2 story.
Holden Clough will remain closed to Nursery, Reception Y1 and Y6 children except those of key workers until at least Monday 22nd June