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School Travel Plan & Questionnaire

Holden Clough Travel Plan 2015


The primary purpose of the School Travel Plan is to ensure equal opportunities for all pupils, along with safe and timely access to education via a reasonable journey to and from school.


The Department for Education provides guidance on travel to and from school for pupils and this policy has been designed to meet the statutory requirements of the guidance. As part of our commitment to safe and sustainable travel, we have recently polled our pupils about their travel habits using the questionnaire at the end of this policy. The outcome of the assessment will inform the development of the School Travel Plan.


The school encourages parents to allow their children to walk, run, cycle or use public transport to travel to and from school where it is safe and practicable.


Every family, and staff member, has been issued with a Questionnaire to be returned to School by 1st December 2015.  The data from the questionnaires will then be collated and this will give the School a clearer idea of what improvements it can seek to introduce, through the Local Authority, where possible.  Once this information has been analysed, the revised School Travel Plan will be published on this page.


If you would like to download the form again, please find this below.

School Travel Plan Questionnaire

Interim School Travel Plan pending outcome of survey

Sports Day - Early Years & Key Stage 1 Tuesday 18th July at 9.15am & Key Stage 2 Thursday 20th July at 1.30pm