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Our Learning Journey

Where would you prefer to live; England or South Africa?


We have had a fantastic few days here in Year 2. Lots of our time was used doing team and classbuilders and getting to know each other again after our lovely Summer holidays. We've done some amazing story writing about 'The Pit' and what we can do when we get stuck with our learning and on Friday we started our topic off 2 by finding out what we already know about Africa and what we’d like to find out.


Some of the things we think we know are:

Africa is a poor country

There are lots of animals in Africa

People don’t wear shoes in Africa

People don’t live in houses with bricks like we do


We had lots of questions too, here are some of them:

Is it cold in Africa?

Do they make clothes?

What countries are in Africa?

What is the temperature like in Africa?

Do people have jobs in Africa?

What food is there in Africa?

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We have been studying non-chronological reports in English. We completed a 'SPaG Surgery' to analyse a report on elephants and we rewrote a section of it to improve it. We are super SPaG surgeons in Year 2! This process has helped us to remember punctuation in our own writing.

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