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This Weeks Winners are...

  • Nursery
  • Reception
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6

Meet the Governors

Governing Body

Holden Clough Governing Body                                           Governor

                Chair: Mr Steven Longley                                                                                                                 Responsibilities







Stephen Longley


Vice Chair



Shilpa Chauhan


Training Link


Zoe Reuter


Safeguarding & Inclusion Governor (SEN, PP & EAL)



Bhavisha Choksi





Alex Mee


Teaching, Learning and assessment



Steven Longley


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare



Ali Basharat


Leadership and Management



Julie Speakman


Sports & PE Governor (PE Premium)



Malcolm Fletcher


Class Governors








Nursery am




Bhav Choksi

Paul Buckley

Ali Basharat

Julie Speakman

Malcolm Fletcher

Steve Longley

Alex Mee

Syed Huda






Curriculum and Standards

Quorum – 3



Chair – Alex Mee

Christine Coleman, Julie Kynaston, Ali Basharat, Syed Huda, Bhav Choksi, Stephen Longley


Finance and Personnel

Quorum – 3

In attendance - Business Manager


Chair – Malcolm Fletcher

Julie Speakman, Julie Kynaston, Ali Basharat, Syed Huda, Steve Longley,  Bhavisha Choksi


Premises and Safety

Quorum – 3

In attendance – Site Manager


Chair – Stephen Longley

Paul Buckley, Julie Kynaston,  Ali Basharat, Fiona Cosgrove, Terry Mclure, Alex Mee


Pay Committee

Quorum – 3



Julie Speakman, Malcolm Fletcher, Ali Basharat


Pay Appeals Committee

Quorum – 3



Alex Mee,


Parent Complaints

Quorum – 3



All governors


Pupil Discipline/Exclusion

Quorum – 3 (must have had training)



Paul Buckley, Alex Mee, Malcolm Fletcher


Head Teacher Performance

Quorum - 2

In attendance – External SIP – Jamie Holbrook


Steven Longley, Julie Speakman, Malcolm Fletcher


Staff Suspension

Quorum - 3


Any governor except staff governors


Staff Discipline/Grievance/Capability

Quorum - 3


Any governor except staff governor


Staff Discipline/Grievance/Capability Appeals

Quorum – 3


Any governor except staff or original committee


Staff Appointments

Quorum – 3



Chair and/or Vice Chair, Head Teacher, any governor. At least one must have safeguarding training.