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  • Year 6


In Year 6, regular homework is set on the following days:


Monday Maths pages from GCP Targeted Question Book due the following Monday
Tuesday Reading and updating reading logs in school planners
Wednesday Arithmetic practice paper due the following Wednesday
Thursday Spag pages from GCP Targeted Question Book due the following Thursday

Topic homework due the following Monday

Spellings will be handed out for the children to practice and learn in preparation for their spelling test the following Friday

We set great store on reading independently and enjoying books. Reading should be encouraged every night and we expect children to keep a record of their reading in their school diaries. 

Other homework may be set at other times (for instance, practice work in maths) but we will always try and give as much notice as possible.

In addition, there will be occasional 'big' homework activities (often over a holiday) which will be fully explained at the time.

Homework – due Monday 8th January

Next week we will be starting a new English unit based around a new book. Without giving you too much information as to what the book is about, for Monday we would like you to design and make your own magic wand and bring in any magic tricks to perform as part of our ‘wow’ moment to introduce the book. If you have anything else magic related at home, for example a toy rabbit or magician’s gloves/hat bring those in too! Also, if any of you happen to have a candyfloss maker at home that you would be willing to bring in, (please check with parents first) that would be great and add to our ‘wow’ factor!

Geography Homework due Monday 22nd January


Here's the website to help you choose a river:

Remember, you can choose any river, even if it's not on the map!

Christmas Holiday Homework


We've given each of you a special gift to take home this Christmas: your test papers! Over the holidays, we'd like you to look through your SPAG and Maths papers and spot your mistakes. We've gone through some of the questions already in class and we all agreed that we've made some pretty silly mistakes - it's your job now to work out which questions you think you should have answered correctly. 

On the front of your paper, write yourself a list of any things that you're stuck on e.g. prepositions and we'll make it our aim to make sure that by the time we have another practice SATs weeks, you've mastered these things. 

We're keeping your reading papers so that we can go through them in Guided Reading during the first week back - you all know your scores so you can share them with people at home. 

It would be really great if someone at home could look through your papers with you!

Good Luck


Oh, I's the rest of your homework:

- Read a good story

- Eat lots and lots 

- Sing a Christmas song

- Play a board game

- Watch a Christmas movie 

- Have lots of fun and come back in January raring to go...


Image result for christmas

Homework due Monday 4th December


This week, we’ve started our new English topic: The Highwayman. A poem filled with love and tragedy, The Highwayman is filled with a vast array of techniques used to create mood and suspense.

Over the weekend, I’d like you to see if you can find out about any real Highwaymen. Who were they and what were they famous for?

How are they similar/different to The Highwayman in Alfred Noyes’ poem? 

Topic Homework due Monday 27th November


This week, we've been learning all about the Roundheads and the Cavaliers and their motives for fighting in the English Civil War - a bitter conflict that resulted in the deaths of 250,000 people.

Over the weekend, I'd like you to find out about one of key battles during the war: The Battle of Naseby.

When was The Battle of Naseby?

Who won the battle - Prince Rupert's Cavaliers or Cromwell's New Model Army?

Why was the battle such an important one?

What other information can you find out about this pivotal point in the English Civil War?


Image result for battle of naseby

Topic Homework due Monday 20th November


First of all, can you find out what the term 'civil war' means? What is a civil war?


After your homework about the two different sides during the English Civil War, I now want to look in more detail at someone who was pivotal to the Parliamentarian’s victory: Oliver Cromwell. We'll be looking more closely next week at the Roundheads and Cavaliers and the role that Cromwell played in the English Civil War. For this homework I want you to tell me why he is such an important figure in Britain’s history, and in particular think about the following questions:

  • Who was he and where did he come from?
  • Why was 1645 an important year for him and his army?
  • How was he involved in the execution of Charles I?
  • Was he right to stop the monarchy?

Image result for oliver cromwell

Topic Homework due Monday 13th November


This week’s topic homework involves following up on our recent work based upon the Gunpowder plot.  As you are now aware, this event, albeit a good forty years before, resulted in civil war in this country.  This civil war was fought between two separate groups – the Roundheads and the Cavaliers.


  For this homework I want you to find out the following:

  • Who were the Roundheads and Cavaliers?
  • Why were they named this?
  • Which side did they represent?
  • Is there any other additional information about them?

Image result for roundheads and cavaliers


Reading Homework due Monday 2nd November


Over the holidays, I would like you to continue reading the Louis Sachar novel that we have been sharing in Guided Reading this half term - Holes or There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. 

Answer the questions on the sheets below and then feel free to read on as far as you can get (remember to record what you've read in your planner too).


Image result for holes    Image result for boy in the girls bathroom

Homework due Monday 23rd October


Next week is art week at Holden Clough and we'll be creating pieces of art based on our class novel - Wonder. 

Over the weekend, I'd like you to think of 5 words that spring to mind when you think of Wonder e.g. Kindness.

I'd also like you to find an eye that can be featured in your art work next week... you can look in magazines, newspapers or even print one from the internet. Your eye must be in colour and it should be roughly the right size to feature on an A4 portrait. It may be a good idea to collect a few eyes if you can so that you can select the one that looks best when you're completing your work. 

Picture 1

Topic Homework due Monday 9th October


The Golden Age of Islam is traditionally said to have ended with the collapse of the Abbasid caliphate due to Mongol invasions and the Siege of Baghdad in 1258 AD.  

What can you find out about the Mongols?

Who was Genghis Khan?

What happened during the Siege of Baghdad?

Topic Homework – 28.09.2017


This week’s topic homework involves looking at the significance of ‘ The Silk Road.’ As you are about to find out, this played a huge role in during the Golden Age of Islam.  We will  recreating our own ‘Silk Road’ as part of one of next week’s topic lessons so it is important you have a prior knowledge of it.  I want you to research the following:

What was the Silk Road?

Which countries/continents did it run through/connect?

Why was it so important?

How long was the road?





Miss Jarman's Maths Graoup - have a go at these...

Miss Jarman's Maths Graoup - have a go at these... 1

Topic Homework due Monday 11th September 


Next week, we will be starting our new topic - 'Why was the Islamic Civilisation of 900AD known as the Golden Age of Islam?'

We'll start by looking at where this period begins and identifying some of the things it was responsible for providing us with. 

Over the weekend, I'd like you to find out who the Prophet Muhammad is and how he was associated with the Golden Age? This will help inform our topic work next week. 

See if you can find out:


What is a prophet?

Why is Muhammad so important to followers of Islam?

Are there any other prophets and can you name them?

Can you find out any other details about Muhammad such as birthplace and date?


Image result for islamic golden age


This weeks spellings...


Topic Homework due Monday 18th September


This week, we've been exploring what Baghdad was like in AD900 and what made it a 'Golden Age'. As well as finding out where Baghdad is located on a world map and what the world looked like in AD900, we touched upon what made the city so unique and such an advanced civilization.

We started to think about the role that The House of Wisdom played in the development of Baghdad. Over the weekend, I'd like you to see what you can find out about The House of Wisdom.

See if you can create something that we can add to our working wall, you'll need lots of facts about The House of Wisdom to complete our topic work writing task next week...good luck!


Image result for the house of wisdom for kids

Picture 1
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