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Celebration Assembly

Every Friday we have a Celebration Assembly to celebrate the pupils' achievements throughout the week.

Certificates and a gold star badges are awarded to pupils from each class to recognise an outstanding achievement that week.

We also sing Happy Birthday to anyone who has had a birthday, which is great fun.

We hear about the children who have been representing school in sport or music or any special events and we also hear about children who do activities outside of school like dancing or lifesaving.

We also see which House Team has gathered the most house points.

There is lots of cheering and clapping at Our Celebration Assembly.

We have a lot to celebrate here at Holden Clough!

Who will this week's Star of the Week be?........

Who will this week's Star of the Week be?........ 1

Stars of the week 15.09.17

Welcome to Holden Clough Community Primary School