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Personalised Assessment Folders

At Holden Clough Primary School, children from Year 1 to Year 6 all have a Personalised Assessment Folder.  Every half term their progress is discussed with the class teacher and targets are set.  Children have access to this folders at all times and use them every Friday in Feedback Friday.


As the National Assessments have changed the School is currently amending these in lines with the Government changes.


Personalised Assessment Folders are shared and discussed with Parents and Carers three times a year in the Parental Consultations.

Feedback Friday

Every Friday all children in the School are involved in 'Feedback Friday'.  This is a quiet time to reflect what they have learnt during the week and what they want to improve during the next week.


Tickled pink notes are used to record what they have learnt.


Green for growth notes are used for targets that they want to improve for the next week.


All of these notes are displayed in the classroom and the tickled pink notes are reviewed the next Friday to see if they have been achieved.



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